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Friday, June 01, 2007



Made the pick up at 3:20a. The north part of central Kihei. Young couple, very early 20's.
"Where are we headed this morning?"
The guy asks the girl
"Where do you live?"
Very long pause.
"I don't care." She replied.
"Don't you live in Maui Meadows?" He pressed.
In a drunken whine, "I can't go there!"
"Then where do you want the driver to take you?"
Very, very pregnant pause, followed by loud slurping.
"Take us to Keala." He stammered.
For the next 10 minutes the slurping sound continued, unabated. Punctuated by gags and chokes. As we approach the destination, he asked her some question, below my hearing threshold.
"Driver change it to Auhana Street."
"No problem. Just point out the house when we get there."
The slurping stopped as they repositioned themselves on the rear seat. 2 minutes later, we arrive.

Pull into the drive and illuminate the interior. As I turn, he's backing out the right rear door and she is still sprawled on the seat. Panties dangling from her left ankle, the dress she had been wearing on the floor. I chuckled, turned my head away.
"I am sorry about this, sir" the poor kid stammered.
More than his face was blushing.
"Is this where I get gang-banged?" She gleefully chirped.
"Yeah, come on. Sorry, sir."
He tossed me a $20.
"Keep the change."
Fare was $11.90.
"Thanks," I laughed. "Have a nice night."
"I plan to!" She boasted.
And they walked to the front door of the house. She carrying her clothes in one hand and his penis in the other.

Believe me, that was the most interesting ride of the night. Hell, of the past couple of years.

Back on March 28th I posted a pic of my odometer reading 77777.7.
Just after I started, last night, it rolled over another 10,000 miles.

The rest of my shift was really boring. I only drove 69 miles last night, pulling in 8 fares. It took 90 minutes before I had my first run. Two drivers, one "day" and one "night" bailed by 9p and 3 more departed at 10p. That left just Hardin, TMR and myself. And that was actually one more cab than we really needed. I had 4 runs by 11p and poor Hardin had only had one. I think TMR had two. I took a 90 minute break, my back has been acting up, and came back out at 12:40a. They each had added one run.
Hardin gave up at 1:30a and TMR got our single request from the bar close. I had one other "Dog Watch" fare and then Wally showed up for the day shift. I was home by 5a.

Bada Bings was closed by 1a, for absolute lack of business. They had more staff on the floor than paying customers. LAB was empty by 1:45a and it was the last one to close it doors. Very pathetic.

Here are some other pics I took of this morning's moonset. They are all the original size and those indicated have only had the contrast enhanced.


Check back tomorrow. No telling what I might have as an adventure.




Black Sand Beach
Little Beach (left)
Big Beach (right)
The "Flying Wedge" Above Them
Is the Maui Prince
Surfing Ho'okipa

"Let's all be careful out there!"