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Friday, May 09, 2008


We now know what caused her dwindling popularity as a Presidential candidate.

1 year ago, she was the presumptive next leader of the free-world. A shoe-in. No way she could lose. But she erred in the demographic target she sought to put her in the Oval Office.
Hard working WHITE Americans. WHITE Americans who didn't finish college.
Didn't anybody bother to tell her that these are the people who don't give a shit and most of whom aren't even registered to vote.

Her strategy was like trying to teach a pig to sing. It was a waste of her time and really pissed the pig off. And those few in that demographic who actually do care enough to vote, well, they're going to go for the WHITE guy.

Which is why McCain is so happy to be running against Obama.

Oh, and while you're up, Hillary-buns, would you get me another beer? Thats my girl. Maybe you could fix me a sandwich too. Wrestling is about to start.

Over The Limit?
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