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Thursday, March 22, 2007



I am an absolute klutz!

Getting ready for work, step out of the shower and my right knee decides to go a different direction than normal. I'll leave it as "very painful". Could barely stand on it Packed the ol' patella up in ice and used my cane for the few times I tried to walk around the house. This is the same knee I injured a couple of years back, loading luggage into ONE-NINE. I have to wear a knee-brace because of that, just not when I am bathing. Spent most of the night with it elevated. Of course, when I called off, Kimo (#22) was frustrated.
  • ONE - he was going to have to cover the "overnight" hours.
  • TWO - They were extremely busy. That means I probably lost some significant money.
Its been about 12 hours since I twisted the knee and the swelling is almost gone, but not the tenderness. I should be able to do my shift tonight.

Van Plantinga
167 Iliwai Loop
Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 96753
(808) 205-0811

Van sent me these random shots, taken this week.

Mahalo Van!

If you see any images on his web page that you like or if you are coming to Mau'i and would like him to take some "action" photos of your activities, just contact him at the above address/phone/e-mail.


Princess Leah sent me some new photos of the baby

Isn't it amazing that this:
Eventually becomes this:

I hope what I have presented today makes up for not having any "talk story" about the cab-biz.

Check back tomorrow to find out how this gimpy ol' fart survived another shift.




Kahakuloa Head

West Mau'i Coastline
West Mau'i Surf
A Beautiful Mau'i Vista
Wild Flowers
The Beauty Of The "Big Island" Of Hawai'i
Wailua Falls
Westin Maui
Pool And Beach Views

Westin Maui

"Let's all be careful out there!"