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Sunday, February 26, 2006


This is the "Ballroom" or "Group" entrance at the Grand. This is also the entrance to"Tsunami's" on Friday and Saturday night.

Since it was Saturday, it was again my night to dispatch. Just read the previous post to get an idea of how the night went.

My second fare was a newlywed couple from Stockholm, Sweden. I took them to Delta at OGG where they faced a 26 hour trek home. Mau'i to L.A., to Atlanta, Georgia, to JFK, to Paris, to Stockholm. Whoa, thats building up a lot of frequent flyer miles.

I love newlyweds. Their smiles are so genuine. Their actions towards each other so caring. Shame it won't last.

Picked up a very tired lady, out of Chicago, from the hospital last night and brought her back to the 4 Seasons. Her husband had gone diving and miscalculated his assent rate/time and was suffering from the "bends". He was to be transported today to Honolulu, where they have a pressure chamber.

She was pensive but calm. They were here celebrating their 30th anniversary. They were "empty-nesters", their 26 year old daughter now living in London. We talked about life and marriage and grandkids (she didn't have any). You could tell that she still loved her husband, in a "comfortable shirt" fashion, but was bored by 30 years of "sameness."

When we arrived at her hotel the fare was $59.60. She handed $60 and apologised for no tip. I told her not to worry about it. She insisted that I wait while she went to her room to get more money. I told her that I really had to leave since we were "backed up" about 10 runs. She still insisted, so I suggested that if she really wanted to give me a tip, that she put the money in an envelope and give it to the night doorman (I know the guy) and that he would call me to pick it up. About 30 minutes later I got the call from him. As I picked up the envelope I handed him $2, without even looking inside to see how much it was. Thanked him for his kindness. Opened to find $20 inside. I hope her husband gets better and that some novelty comes into her life.

Not all marriages here end nicely.

About two years back, I picked up a newlywed couple from the Seawatch restaurant, about 11:00pm, after their wedding dinner. Took them to the Wailea Marriott. At 3:30am the Marriott called requesting a cab. It was the groom. Took him to OGG, the airport. The entire 30 minute ride he was on the phone with his attorney in L.A., where it was 5:30am. I wonder if the attorney charged double his normal hourly rate for this call?

He wanted his attorney to get a locksmith to immediately re-key his house, have the alarm company re-set all access codes, etc., and immediately file annullment/divorce papers, whichever was best.

He called his new wife many names. "Loving bride" was not among them. Sad.

This is my friend Robert. He used to drive for Royal but has moved to the "competition". I think he got tired of being a "nite owl" and dealing with drunks. Works "days" now. I think he made the face so that I wouldn't use his picture. He was wrong. :)

I classify the people out at night, after "bar close", into 3 catagories.

"NIGHTHAWKS" - Police, Fire, Ambulance

"NIGHTOWLS" - All of us who work the single digit hours of the morning

"NIGHTCRAWLERS" - The vermin of that crawl out of the shadows

Ah! It's Sunday morning. Off til Tuesday night :)

Wil =8^))
"Let's all be careful out there"