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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


AT UTC (GMT, ZULU) 0007 HRS, MARCH 21, 2007

For Hawai'i, that will be 2:07pm this afternoon.

Yup. Depending on where you live, today is either the first day of Spring (north of the equator) or Fall (south of the equator).

This is Robin. She is always our server when we go to Aroma d'Italia Ristorante, which is where I took Judy to dinner last night.

Robin has a very outgoing and pleasant nature. She is the one I said was the most intelligent server we have ever met on this island. I overheard her tonight give the chef a heads-up about an order coming in shortly that would require special treatment, she remembered Judy's seafood problem. Like I said, she is smart. Oh, and pretty too, as you can see.

So, if you ever get to Mau'i, make sure you go to Aroma d'Italia and if Robin is working, ask for her station. And remember to tip her no less than 20% of the tab, more if possible. She deserves it.

They never did find the missing swimmer. All search efforts ended at 5:45pm, local, on Thursday. Here's the last news article.

Sometimes when I read the statistics on my counters, I get curious about ones that I don't recognize as regular visitors. Occasionally, someone arrives here via one of the search engines. What were they looking for? Well recently a visitor from the Russian Federation dropped by looking for pictures of "little boys in underwear".

First thought was: "sick".

Second thought was: "what have I ever posted that would bring PARADISE DRIVER's url up in such a search?".

I want to thank Cathy of Cathy's Rants and Ramblin's for bestowing on me the Thinking Blogger Award

Gold Version
Silver Version

I am going to have to forego one the the rule's stipulations. I will not be nominating 5 people, because that makes it a "meme" or "tag" and I don't do those. Call it a weird personality trait, but I never have, nor will I ever.

Cathy wrote this to describe this blog:
Paradise Driver....His posts and pictures always have alot of thought put into them. How can one even think of so many beautiful posts and pictures?
Again, mahalo Cathy. I deeply appreciate the nice words and the honor you have given me.

Today's 'THE PICTURE GALLERY concludes the travelog of the islands that I have presented over the last couple of months. I hope you have enjoyed it. I thought it would be nice for you to see the islands as they truly are. Starting tomorrow, its back to the "glamour" shots.

I very sincerely appreciate your dropping in.

See you tomorrow.




St. Joseph's Church
Built By Father Damien In 1876
Statue Of Father Damien
St. Joseph's Church

St. Joseph's Church
St. Joseph's Church
Our Lady Of Sorrows Church
Built By Father Damien In 1874

Ni'aupala Fishpond
Across From
Our Lady Ff Sorrows Church

Papohaku Beach

"Let's all be careful out there!"