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Friday, May 11, 2007



Thats one of the first things we learn our very first day of school. Where/when do we opt to ignore what the flashing strobe lights and glaring claxons are telling us. You know...
Last night the fire alarm at The Shops activated.

Was there a calm and orderly exiting of the premises?

Was there a panic driven stampede?

In fact, no body even seemed to notice. Not even after the police and fire units arrived.

After all that excitement, I got my first fare at 8p, Headed from Wailea to Mama's Fish House, over on the far side of Pa'ia. Thats a VERY good fare. $70 and change, each way.
Their "Street" Sign

We arrived at Mama's 40 minutes later. $70.70 on the meter. They gave me $71. WOW! A 30-cent tip!
Oh, well. I still get my 40% of the meter, which will be $56 for the round trip.
Valet Entrance

After dropping them at the valet entrance, I decided that I would attempt to get some pics of Mama's.
Valet Office
The Grounds
Beautiful Entry Walkway
Gecko Tiles
Main Entrance
The Restaurant

They gave me $75 on the $70.10 return.

Feces Occurs

This is a poor pic of [chuckle] Downtown Pa'ia. The green lights is where the town's solitary traffic light is. Turn left and the business district extends about as far on Baldwin Avenue as what you see here on Hana Highway.

Had one more run before bar close. 30 seconds after the final night cab went "10-2" (end of shift) things really started hopping. Covered 7 trips between 2:01a and 4:24a, from the far north end of Kihei to the south end of Wailea and all points between.

None of the day drivers showed up until about 4:30a. I can never figure out who or when someone is supposed to be there.

This is another of our new drivers. Rick has been with us about 2 months, or so.

He has a bit of a "Dennis Miller" look.

The following is special for our G'night Girl, Lori. But I am sure she wouldn't mind sharing.

1:35 of the sound of waves washing against the shore, at Mama's. Not a damn thing to see, the lens is pointed out across the vast Pacific Ocean.

Disregard the screen. Just push the "Start" button:

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Mahalo, Van

I always appreciate your visit.

Have a fantastic weekend.





A Jacaranda Tree In Bloom
"Big" Beach

"Let's all be careful out there!"