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Friday, August 17, 2007



Jessie, Karie and Catherine are from Mau'i's "North Shore", the Pa'ia/Ho'okipa area. Playing "tourist". on this side of the island. Thats my hat that Karie has on. Sorry, the auto-focus messed up.

Had them twice last night. The early pick up was from The Shops to the "Triangle" and then I brought them back to their resort in Wailea. They were a lot of fun.

Three runs in a row, right around midnight, I took folks from the "Triangle" back to Wailea. Their commonality was that each group sensed a mood change in the crowd and were wise enough to go with their gut feeling and "beat feet" back to the safety of their hotels. The crowd was actually pretty peaceful last night and bar close was anti-climatic.

By 9:30p it was just #27 (TMR) and ONE-NINE. We stayed steady. Constantly moving from one call to the next. Never rushed. Never overloaded. The cab/call ratio was perfect. A 3rd cab would have ruined everything

It was very hot/humid yesterday. I fell asleep about 9:15a and woke up at 1:30p. Soaking wet Dehydrated. The sun had shifted far enough to the west that it was beating against my windows. Radiant heat baking everything in the room. Never did fall back to sleep so it has been a very long "day" for me.

17 fares / 119 miles / 1st quarter $200 bracket

Those that won't be back here until Monday, have a great weekend. Everyone else have a great Friday!




Kihei Morning
Kihei Afternoon
A Kihei Beach
Looking North
Kihei Shoreline


"Let's all be careful out there!"