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Saturday, August 18, 2007


WEB CRASH - 2007

My first fare of the shift was a total fluke. One cab had been assingned a Wailea-OGG. Turns out there were 8 people, not 6, and he needed a second cab. 8 people means one hell of a lot of luggage. The dispatcher queries whether ONE-NINE, I was next up in the queue, would be adequate or was another van necessary. Luckily, ONE-NINE would suffice. I picked up one nice lady and three stair-step brothers, all pre-teen and a stroller. The initial cab also had four people and was stuffed to the headliner with luggage. A half-hour of pleasant chat and back to Wailea.

As soon as I arrived in Kihei, I was assigned a trip from the far north-end of town to the far south-end.

Followed this with a pu-pu in Wailea.

At 9:00p I took over the phone and by 9:30p I had charge of 5 cabs. We normally start moving out of Wailea around 9:30p as the focus of activity shifts to Kihei. Just as I enter Kihei, and was "#1 up" in town, I received a request from MOF (Maui Oceanfront Inn). 2 people headed across the island to Wailuku. A nice early 20's couple from the border of northwest California and Oregon, who have lived here for about 3 months. Eagerly anticipating the arrival of their car next week from the mainland. He was politely quiet and she was a chatterbox.

Our 2 casual night drivers bailed by 11:30p and the 3 of us remaining stayed busy with bar rush fares.

Right at the end of the bar close portion of the night I get a flag from the "Triangle", headed to Wailuku. A sales rep from the "spirits industry". About half-way, near Waikapu, to his home he asks me to pull to the shoulder when I had an opportunity. He didn't sound stressed nor in discomfort but, as ALL cabbies know, when you are asked to "pull over" you are there and stopped in less than 2 heartbeats. He stepped out and walked about 10 feet away and puked his guts out for almost 5 minutes. Returned to ONE-NINE, thanked me and we continued the remainder of the journey, without incident.

Best "PUKER" I've ever had.

Rounded out the night with 2 dog-watch runs. Home just at 5:00a.

12 fares / 162 miles / 3rd quarter $200 bracket

Everyone enjoy your weekend.

One more night to go. Talk to you after work tomorrow.




In Kihei
The Pacific Ocean
Lana'i In The Distance


"Let's all be careful out there!"