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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


"Okay. So what's the question?"

Thats how Judy and I greeted each other last night.

"I don't want my picture of the 'net'."

She was giving me her "I am not mad, but I am deadly serious" look.

"So, you read my blog today." I laughingly answered.

After that, we talked about "tit and tat" and then went to dinner. Had a very enjoyable evening.

Oh! For the record. This is the picture I didn't get:


Korean Bars are a Japanese creation and found their way to Hawai'i prior to WWII. The bars were staffed by young and nubile Korean ladies. Their purpose was to encourage their clients to spend as much money in the bar as possible. The girls received a percentage of the liquor sales. The clientele was strictly Japanese business men. Sex on the property was forbidden but clothed fondling and foreplay was acceptable.

Today, the same concept holds true. But it is not uncommon for one of the girls to develop a relationship with one of her guests that is then taken "off-property". Usually to the guest's residence or vacation condo/hotel.

As I posted earlier, some of these relationships are doomed to failure from the start. Sometimes their new friend's credit card is "maxed out".

Start a new week tonight. Always hope for the best!


"Let's all be careful out there!"