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Friday, November 09, 2007



The only thing good about last night was 80% of my fares tipped really good. That covered my expenses for the night. Sat 2 hours before my first fare, a Wailea/"Triangle". Only had 1 bar -close and the phone never chirped during the dog-watch hours. The resorts are all pretty well occupied but no one is going off campus. We are in the "salad days".

5 fares / 51 miles / 3rd quarter below $100 bracket

I mentioned a couple of days back about things to consider when choosing to switch your phone service from the local carrier to your cable system's VoIP service. Here is the story about what caused the problem locally.

Our afternoon/evening dispatcher lives up-country. He has VoIP and the power outage shut down the local cable service control center. Causing him to loose his phone service. Which meant he couldn't answer the company calls transferred to his phone. The owner took back the line until the power was restored. His service is via the ground-line. I didn't loose ol' "Ready-Kilowatt" at my place.

I dispatch tonight. I am so thrilled. I just hope we get some increase in activity.

Slow nights are exhausting. More so than busy ones.

See you tomorrow.

Happy TGIF!




Maui Prince Resort

"Let's all be careful out there!"