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Thursday, July 05, 2007



Our friend Dogbait made a comment on a post over at g'nightgirl that got me thinking.

From birth, we in America are indoctrinated with national pride. Our national folklore ingrains the qualities most admired in an individual.

Does anyone really believe that Washington threw a Dollar across the Potomac River? Lincoln walked 5 miles, 1 way, to return a few pennies? Forget about the "cherry tree".

Our fervor about America being NUMBER 1, always, is distasteful to even our "friends" around the world. Probably obnoxiously funny, also.

Don't get me wrong. Being born, bred, and also from a career military family, I've been brainwashed more than most. Age has given me the ability to take a few steps back and see the facts from a different POV.

DB, for most people, the Fourth is a day to sleep a bit late. Take the kids to a parade. Burn some animal flesh on a grill. Burp. Get drunk. Watch fireworks. And go back to work the next day. But always in the background are songs, TV shows and advertisements that focus on our national theme and mindset.

Pride suffered greatly after Vietnam. Hollywood put a different "spin" on the facts in movies and TV to bolster our bruised egos. The "godfather" of this movement was the Hollywood "B" movie second lead male, Ronald Reagan. The second worst Governor of California and soon to become the second worst President of modern times, come January 20, 2009.
(Thats gonna get a lot of negative feedback)
Its something we are infused with, DB. Please understand that nothing offensive is meant by it. Its just a part of what makes us, U.S.

A decent money night but , again, not really that busy. It was also very muggy last night and each of the drivers were in a crappy mood. Little cooperation amongst each other.

The fireworks at the street level were pretty tame, mostly of the "Safe & Sane" variety. Even though there was almost no wind, the smoke dissipated rapidly. It usually lingers for hours, obscuring the roadways.

This Fourth was about as tame as a new born kitten.
13 fares / 138 miles / 2nd quarter of $200 bracket

We are over the "hump day" of an abbreviated work week. It all downhill from here, folks.

Hope to see you tomorrow.




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"Let's all be careful out there!"