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Saturday, January 22, 2011



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"Let's all be careful out there!"

Friday, January 14, 2011



"Let's all be careful out there!"


Azeka Place - Makai

This image is looking southwest, from (what I remember as) the Long's Center, across south Kihei Road  This is about 24 hours after the rains diminished.  All of Hawai'i was hit by two huge Kona storms this week.  Highways were closed and the town of Kihei was virtually isolated.  South Kihei Road was buried under about 3'-4' of water flowing at approx. 20mph.

From what I have read and seen, this was even worse than the huge storms of 2007 and 2005.

The Kihei side of Maui is basically a desert.  Typically less than 10" of rain per year.  This time around, there was so much precipitation that the west slopes of Haleakala actually had waterfalls.  During the 15 years I lived on Maui, there had never been waterfalls on the west side of the mountain.

Obviously, this in no way compares in magnitude to the floods in Australia or Brazil.

Looking East from south Kihei Road towards FoodLand.  The "Triangle" is off-camera, right.

"Let's all be careful out there!"

Friday, January 07, 2011

Wandering Through the Forgotten Pathways of My Memories

Getting the tickets for the Kingston Trio concert started me searching for the songs of my youth.  Peter Paul and Mary, The Mamas and Papas, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, etc. Then I hit upon the Carpenters.  Karen, who considered herself to be "a drummer who sang" (and acknowledged as a great drummer by Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, among others) had a vocal range of three octaves but usually sang in contralto.  In my opinion, the most beautiful voice of the 20th Century.  Their hit song We've Only Just Begun was originally the musical background for a Crocker Bank TV/radio ad campaign.  Richard heard it and decided it was a perfect tune for his sister.  BOY! Was he ever right!
Here are two video captures recorded a few years apart.  I hope you enjoy them...

My wife and I were headed into the LA basin when the news came over the radio about her death in 1983.  We both softly wept.
"Let's all be careful out there!"

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


In 1957 The Kingston Trio emerged from San Francisco's North Beach club scene to take the country by storm, bringing the rich tradition of American folk music into the mainstream for the first time. During the late 50s & early 60s, the Trio enjoyed unprecedented record sales and worldwide fame, while influencing the musical tastes of a generation.

Through changing times, the Trio has played on, remaining popular for a simple reason... great songs that sound as good today as the first time you heard them. And fifty-three years after Tom Dooley shot to the top of the charts, the Trio is still on the road thirty weeks a year, bringing back all the great memories and making new ones.

Talk about excited!

At 8:00 PM this Saturday I am going to attend the Kingston Trio concert at the Gallo Center for the Arts, here in Modesto, CA.

For those of you too young to remember them, here are some videos from YouTube. (click to see the entire list of Kingston Trio videos)
There are no images on the first video, just the lyrics of their most popular song: "Tom Dooley"

"Let's all be careful out there!"


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"Let's all be careful out there!"

Monday, January 03, 2011