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Sunday, February 11, 2007



The brass monkey is a eunuch.

And you are beyond your ass in snow.

So, I only have one question.

How many of you are dreaming of Hawai'i?


As soon as I logged on I was given a nice $20 run from the Royal Mauian, across from Denny's, out to the Maui Prince. Our radios don't work south of the Kea Lani, so when I was back in radio range I was given a run from the Four Seasons to OGG. Wait. It gets better. Made the pick-up and requested which airline we were headed for.
"We flying out Air Canada but we want to go to Big Mama's first."

"I am sorry. Where do you want to go?"

"Big Mama's."

"Do you mean Mama's Fish House?"

"Thats it. Mama's Fish House."

So, off we went. I waited, on the meter, at Mama's while they ate a quick dinner and dropped them at the airport about 9:30p for a 10:25p flight to Vancouver. They were a very pleasant couple.

Along the journey we chatted and the question came up if I could name all 50 States. That wasn't a problem since I had lived in 42 of them before I graduated high school. Then I surprised them by also naming all of the Canadian Provinces and Territories and all the Australian States and Territories. They did stump me with the Estados de Mexico. Sabía solamente tres de ésos.

After returning to Kihei, I garnered a couple of decent pupus and then business died. From 11:30p to 1:00a we only had two calls. After 1:00am there was the normal bar close rush. Just two runs during my solo hours. The meter was good (for this year) but would have been considered a slow night last year. That Four Seasons to Mama's to OGG trip was more that 50% of my total earnings.

I am dog tired. The stress of this month's financial "ups & downs" has taken its toll this week on my tired old body.

Passive resistance kept the phone out of "The Professor's" hands until around 10:00pm. So everybody had a fair shake at getting good runs. "The Professor" was the only unhappy camper of the night crew. He wasn't able to get those "specials" that he seems to generate when he holds the phone.

I really appreciate you coming by and hope y'all have a great day.
We'll chat again tomorrow.




"Let's all be careful out there!"