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Saturday, February 16, 2008



Pulled into FoodLand about 1:30 AM. Two cop cars were parked at the west border, one in the lot and the other on the street sidewalk, handling some incident. Just after I arrive an ambulance, running just the emergency lights - no siren, pulls up to them. A group of people were standing outside the front door of FoodLand watching what was going down. One of the lookie-loos, a "local", suddenly turned and sucker punched the the guy standing next to him. The victim's head sounded like a ripe watermelon as it impacted the cement walkway. Unconcious, eyes wide open and his bladder released. The assailant dashed into the store as one of the cops responded to the "melon" sound. The cop arrives and immediately calls for the ambulance to respond to his location. The bad boy walks out of the store, acting all casual and stops up to look down at the victim. The officer turned and ordered him and some others to "BACK OFF". The other 2 guys immediately responded, retreating. Stupid doesn't. Instead he steps even closer. The officer shoved him away and pulled his Tazer, ordering our loser to his knees. After the second command to "GET ON YOUR KNEES!", it finally penetrated this numbskulls brain that he was in deep shit. He assumed the "communion" position and was cuffed. Then the officer learned what had gone down and he hustled our poor deprived victim of society over to a patrol car to place him in custody. Returning to take statements before the witnesses disappeared into the night. Two of our drivers were witnesses and gave statements. I got a flag going north and, as I drove by the patrol car, I heard the culprit weep today's title to an officer standing next to him.

My fare had met the victim a couple of times earlier in the evening, at various bars in the "Triangle". He said the guy was one of those very happy drunks, "High-5ing" everybody and shaking people's hand. Not the type that is out looking for trouble. His only aggressiveness was in being friendly. The victim was transported to MMMC. Semi-conscious would be a generous term in discribing his condition.

Just a bit less money and fares, from Thursday, but a decent shift. Crossing my fingers to get a "hat trick" tonight.

Oh, yeah. I dispatch tonight.

10 fares / 111 miles / 4th quarter $100 bracket

Have 2 interesting items for "The Olde E-Mail" bag this Monday.





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