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Thursday, May 03, 2007



Any night that starts with a Moon-rise as beautiful as this can't be all bad.

Sat around for about 40 minutes before I had my first fare. A trip to Sansei, out of Wailea, with an older Filipino couple. As I cleared, I was assigned a pickup just 4 doors away, at Hirohatchi, back to Wailea. A young couple from Japan. Thats what we call a "bounce back". Basically a roundtrip but composed of two separate fares.

Then we all just sat for another hour. Going nowhere very fast. Thats "Maui Jim" (#17) to the left. Off-camera, to the right, Kimo (#22) was parked and PrimaDonna (#18) was behind me.

I had a "special" about 9:15pm, bringing my first fare back from Sansei. About 45 minutes later , run #4 took me from Sarentos to the Four Seasons, A foursome from SoCal and Phoenix.

Then things started improving, a little. Sent to Lulu's, with no further info. A guy hops in and off we go to the harbor in Kahului. A crew member of Pride Of Hawaii

Then nothing, for almost 2 hours.

The "Triangle" was a ghosttown.

Next assignment was at 1:30am. 2 people going into Wailea. Pulled up and 4 people immediately get in ONE-NINE.
"Where are we headed?"
"The ship."
Not the run I was assigned but I had no intention of kicking them out. Advised dispatch to send another unit. TMR picked up the Wailea folks. Two runs in less than 2 minutes from one bar caused Kimo to cruise through that area of the "Triangle". Sure enough, he snagged a "flag" to the harbor also.

As I cleared the ship, I was sent over to Maui Memorial Medical Center, "triple em cee". A lady needing to get back to central Kihei. Another "bounceback"!

The phone never rang once during the "dog watch".

Flor was the first day cab in at 4:30am

My final fare was a sweet young lady from San Francisco, on her first visit to Mau'i. Took her to KBR (Kihei Boat Ramp). She was going diving at Molokini.

The Moon was approaching the western horizon as I cleared.

About 2/3rds of the way down the right side of the pic you can see some lights on the horizon
I cropped and enlarged that portion and you can see a cruise ship. I have no idea which one.

Van, my friend who owns Maui Action Photos, dropped these in my "in-box" a couple of days back.

Mahalo, Van!

Found another "Barber's Pole".

Outside of Star Market.

I forgot there is a barber shop there.

While I only had 9 runs the entire shift, 5 were very good, 3 were great and 1 was a pupu. Unlike Tuesday night, everyone was extremely generous in their gratuities.

Thank you for coming by.

Its nice to know that someone, besides me, reads this.

I'll be back tomorrow. I hope you will be too.






"Let's all be careful out there!"