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Monday, February 12, 2007



Every night I work, I pick up guys going to the bars with the expressed purpose of meeting a young lady and either bringing her back to his place or going to her place sometime during the night. 99% of these guys I return home, alone, after their unsuccessful foray into the "mating game". Usually they are barely functional, shit-faced drunk.

Guys, you do NOT become more attractive, the more intoxicated you become. Your potential for "scoring" drastically decreases after your second drink. After 5 or more drinks, you become obnoxious and also greatly reduce your ability to "perform".

Guys who go out as a group also limit their chances of a liaison. Very few females are interested in potential "gang-bangs" and that is what they feel will happen should they hook up with a group of rowdy boisterous males.

I have also watched some guys who were drunk enough that when they met the "right" girl, who gave every indication that she was receptive to the advances, that they missed all the signals and the girl eventually moved on to more promising suitors.

Of course, at the end of the night, the "loser boozers" classify all the women as bitches, cunts and skags. And they go home alone.

Darwin's Theory of Evolution also applies to the "dating" scene.

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Its Monday. I have no idea where I'll be taking Judy to dinner tonight.

Don't forget, Wednesday is Valentines Day.

Mahalo for stopping in. See ya tomorrow.




"Let's all be careful out there!"