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Sunday, October 07, 2007



I am bone dead exhausted. 4 fan-fucking-tastic nights in a row. Only because its been so slow for so long I had forgotten what a normal shift is like. Last night, actually this entire week, has been what I used to consider as normal. It been well over a year since business was this good.

Got out of town TWICE last night. Once to OGG from Wailea and a second time to Wailuku from Wailea. After the OGG I was sent to do a pickup from Mama's Fish House back to Wailea. A day driver had dropped them at 7p or so and the owner figured that I was the closest cab and they should probably be getting ready to return, it was a little after 9p. Dropped my OGG at 9:15p and was at Mama's by 9:25p. Went inside to the Maitre d' and asked him to let the party know that I was there when they were ready. Emphasized that I didn't want them to feel rushed by my message, just that they had a ride when they finished dining. They weren't there! Well, maybe they were strolling the beautiful grounds, which isn't uncommon. Advised dispatch that I couldn't find them but would linger around. At 10:10p dispatch advised me that they had just called. They were back at their resort in Wailea and wouldn't need a ride. A dining companion had given them a ride back. Altogether, a lost hour of income.

Our new driver & Saturday night dispatcher, Terry (#07), from 9p to 2a got a real workout. I would grade him at a B+ for last night. Which is actually EXCELLENT since it was only his second night with the phone.

We were rolling "hot-n-heavy" from when I logged in until 2:30a. Bar close was a madhouse. Just three of us to cover about 20 fares at bar-close, most of which went into Wailea and Makena. All good fares but also time consuming. 10 to 20 minutes out and the same amount of time back.

2 of the day drivers checked in very, very early this morning. Prim (#22) at 2:30a and Flor (#27) at 3:40a. Maybe, just maybe, it might be because they were aware of a Wailea to Kapalua at 5:30a. Thats about $120, one-way.

About 4a, while I was home doing up all the paperwork for the day shift, I get a call from a little Filipina lady. She spoke so softly that it was impossible to hear her. Every time I asked her to speak louder, she would do just the opposite. I eventually gave up and disconnected. This is not the first time this has happened. It must be a cultural thing that I don't understand. When I begged her to YELL, she whispered even more softly. I even turned the headset volume to the max with no improvement.

If you were asked to speak louder, wouldn't you?
Maybe one of my "island" readers can explain this in a comment.

15 fares / 154 miles / 2nd quarter $200 bracket

Dispatch from home tonight from 6p to 2a. The large group that replaced the luxury car dealers is leaving today and so it should be busy.

To my Canadian readers:




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