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Wednesday, April 18, 2007



Cy is the chef from Saturday night's dinner. After he is done cooking, he then works as a FLOOR HOST (a/k/a/ "bouncer") at LAB. A really great guy.

It was a morgue last night

Logged on at 7:00pm and was second car in the Wailea queue. 2 hours later, with NO runs, I was allowed to head north to Kihei. Not that there was any business there either but the potential for activity was marginally greater.

As I was passing Fred's/Moose's, A guy flagged me. Party of 4 headed to the "Triangle."

That was it until 1:30am, when these same 4 people flagged me for their return trip to their condo's.

Between 3:00am and 3:30am I made 2 separate trips, talking home employees of Kahale's (Beach Club).

And that was my entire night. Didn't even make it to $30 on the meter.

Prim (#22) was in by 3:15am (God only knows why) and Wally (#05) made it to Wailea just before 4:00am. Since the first scheduled run isn't until 1:00pm this afternoon, I went "10-2" and crawled home to lick my wounds and have a PB&J sandwich for dinner. Things are going to be very austere for the next couple of months.

The image on the left is looking across FoodLand's lot to the "Triangle", towards Dog & Duck, Tiki Lounge, and Kahale's.

The right image shows how empty LAB was. These were taken about 1:00am, when the night should be rockin'.

There were more people smoking outside the bars than there were people inside them.

Hawai'i's "anti-smoking" ban, which went into affect on November 17th ("The Great American Smoke Out") last year, bans smoking in any building open to public access. Also, you cannot smoke within 20-feet of any doorway or window of any structure that is covered by the statute. Buses and taxis are also mandatory non-smoking.

A thousand words.


The rumor is that the "Professor" is history. And thats as much as I know. Whether it is true or not remains to be seen. Apparently sumptin' happened o'er the weekend. I've heard 3 different stories, which strongly coincide with each other.


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"Let's all be careful out there!"