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Saturday, January 20, 2007



Logged on at 7:02pm and was sent for an OGG run from The Grand at 7:03pm. Had loaded the luggage by 7:10pm and then I waited. The "Top Of The House" staff had told them to wait in the entry foyer and someone would come get them when I arrived. At 20 after they finally came back out to check on their cab (me) and we were on our way by 22 after.

As soon as I returned to Wailea, I had a run from The Grand to Maui Memorial Medical Center (MMMC), the only hospital on the island. Also had the return on this one at 11:00pm.

Most of our cabs were out of the area handling 3 fares to Mama's in Pa'ia and a run to the "west side". What few vehicles we had left were doing OGG runs.

Art, the owner, maintained control of the phone until 9:45pm, for which I was grateful. When he transferred it over, there was just Alex (#27) and me and five fares pending. All the dinner returns were completed by 11:00pm and the three day cabs headed for the barn, followed shortly afterwards by Harden (#25).
"Crazy" Brian (#09), Alex and I stayed very steady through "bar close". The requests were coming in just as one of us would be clearing a job. This continued through my solo hours (2:00am to 5:00am). I drove 195 miles (314 km) during my 9-1/2 hours. Trust me, for the small area I work, that is a lot.

The most fun trip was the one to and from MMMC. A young couple, he had injured (laceration) his head in a fall but did not need to be transported by an ambulance. On-scene medical care had been provided by paramedics and they told him he needed some stitches. They actually used staples at the ER. Turned out he is a police officer from one of the larger cities in the county where I was a Deputy Sheriff. We "talked story" both ways. It was pleasant.

Last night was the way it is supposed to be this time of year. Normally, every night of the week, during our winter tourist season, should be like last night. All the drivers and many employees at various businesses and hotels have remarked recently about the larger than normal amount of Canadian guests. Since the exchange rate between the two "Dollars" is as close to par as it has been in over 30 years, many of our northern neighbors are taking advantage of this recent bonus and getting some sun this winter. Of course, those from areas east of Alberta still haven't grasped the concept of tipping as well as their western counterparts. That division line is also where the "eh" (east side) disappears (west side). The lack of the "eh" is particularly notable from residents of British Columbia under the age of 40. BC citizens also tend to use the harder US vowel enunciations while the people from the east typically have the softer UK style. Just one of those little things that I take note of during my nights.


At 12 noon EST today (UTC -5) we will have exactly 2 years left of the term of President Bush. I have shared a few opinions about him before but I have no intention of making this a political blog. I am, though, eagerly counting down the days.

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She loves to play for the camera. I wish she would explore her opportunities in modeling. I think she would be very popular, don't you?


Ho'okipa Beach Park


"Let's all be careful out there!"