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Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Here is the Wikipedia on Hallowe'en.

If you are out driving tonight, please, PLEASE, be very careful. Kids are so excited that they might not see you. In residential areas, stay below 10 MPH. Just creep through the neighborhood as if you were a gang-banger getting ready to do a drive-by shooting. I know that is a bad analogy but you get my point.


An appropriate question for "All Hallows Eve".

Check out the DEATH CLOCK

For me:
Monday, January 18, 2016
under their "Normal" calculation.
Tuesday, March 16, 2032 under their "Optimistic" calculation
"Pessimistic" and "Sadistic" say I've been gone for over 16 years.
Maybe thats why I feel so bad all the time.


Firefox Eats Internet Explorer

I played with IE-7 and Firefox 2.0. IE-7 is a vast improvement over prior versions but doesn't even begin to approach the capabilities of Firefox.

I know that people are set in their ways and hate to change. Since IE-7 is so different from its ancestry and you'll have to learn how to use their new browser as if you were a "gnubee", doesn't it make sense to just download and upgrade to the BEST browser on the web. Firefox will work with Macintosh, Linux and Windows XP operating systems. And using "tabbed browsing" makes working on the World Wide Web so much easier.

To either get Firefox 2.o, or to upgrade your current version, just click the link on the sidebar. --> --> --> -->

If you IE users switch over, you'll finally get to see where my sidebar is supposed to be.


For our regular Monday night dinner date, I took Judy to The Shops At Wailea. We ate at CHEESEBURGER.
You are greeted by their very friendly staff
If you agree to the 'House Rules" you can enter and have a drink at the bar or be seated at your table.
Part of a chain of restaurants, the original two being called CHEESEBURGERS IN PARADISE, after the Jimmy Buffet song. Those first two (Lahaina and Honolulu) are the only ones licensed to use the song title.
We were walking through The Shops after dinner and I spotted a Raggedy Ann doll walk into the Elan Vitale store.

Turned out that Judy knew the manager at Elan Vitale. So while the two ladies did a brief "touch base" with each other, I grabbed a couple of shots.
Really unique wall hangings in this section.
The sales tax (4.167%) alone, on the cheapest item there, was out of my price range.


The past few weeks with Blogger/Blogspot have been very frustrating for all of us. Owned by Google, you think that the parent company would spend enough money so the 10 million of us who make Blogger the 18th most visited website on the net would be "happy campers". Its not like they are running on a tight budget. They just spent over $1 BILLION to buy YouTube.

My irritation made me create a "mirror" site using Blogger-BETA.

Everytime I make a post here, I'll duplicate it on the BETA system site (which, BTW, never experienced the outages that their "original recipe" had)

The URL is:
So if you "bookmark" or 'save to favorites" you'll have a second access point.

Both sites look the same.


This is the last of the group of images that I have been presenting of aerial shots of the coastline of south Mau'i.

Today's installment takes us from the Maui Lu Hotel north to the scenic lookout at McGregor's Point,

Maui Lu
Suda's Store
At one time this was the heart of Kihei
Now it is the far north end
You can see the remnants
old the old wharf
Sugar Beach
Kealia Pond
(aka: "The Mud Flats")
This is our main power plant for the island
Ma'alaea Harbor
Honoapi'ilani Highway (SR-31) along the Pali
McGregor's Point
Lahaina to the left and the rest of Mau'i to the right.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow...
The End Of Another Day

With a wee bit of luck, I'll be working Lahaina tonight. Thats where the noney is on Halloween. No matter where I work, I'll try and get some pics of the various costumes and share them tomorrow.

"Let's all be careful out there!"

Monday, October 30, 2006



A good friend sent me this video. I think you might enjoy it.

My shortest fare was a pickup at LAB (Life's A Beach) with a drop at Sansei. Back then our meter started at $2.50 and was $0.25 for each 1/8th of a mile. The first 1/8th mile was included in the "drop". The meter never clicked over. Started at $2.50 and ended at $2.50.


The Cove
The Cove
Kalama Park
Between Waimahaihai and Welakahao Streets
Welakahao And South Kihei Road
Between Welakahao And Lipoa Streets
Lipoa Street And South Kihei Road
Lipoa And Uluniu Streets
Looking Down On The Azeka Shopping Centers
Between Azeka (right) And The Maui Sunset (left)
Maui Sunset Area
Between The Maui Sunset (left) And Past Menehune Shores (right)
Village-By-The-Sea (Kauhale Makai)
Menehune Shores
Menehune Shores And North (left)
A Classic Rainbow
A Great Place To End The Day

"Let's all be careful out there!"