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Saturday, September 01, 2007



I talked to Judy last night. She is still in MMMC. She might come home today but we both think it will be Monday, at the earliest. She is recovering and hooked up to tubes and hoses doing whatever tubes and hoses do. She is sedated, which makes a conversation fun. I would tell her a joke and it would take 30 seconds or so before she understood the punch line.

She had read about my incident at the end of July and proceeded to describe every one of her symptoms. She was the one who suggested that I am, still, suffering from the same condition. She may be right.

I'll up-date as I get more info.

A pretty decent night. Started slow. Jumped into "high gear". Died for an hour. Then went hot'n'heavy thru bar close. Even had 1 "dog-watch". Spent the vast majority of the shift just "ping-ponging" up and down Kihei/Wailea. My final bar-close finally got me out of town. Far north Kihei to the harbor in Kahului. I did lose another run to Kahului at 3a. Asked for a $45 deposit and he didn't have any cash.
"Brah. We get there I run inside and get you cash while you wait. Okay, brah?"
Yeah, right.

I may have been born at night but it definitely wasn't last night. Besides, I already "suckered" for that one when I first started driving.

14 fares / 126 miles / 4th quarter $100 bracket

Everyone in Canada and the USA enjoy this 3 day Labor (Labour) Day weekend.

For the rest of the world:
The first Monday in September is a National Holiday in both Canada and the USA. It is also the un-official end of our summer vacation (holiday) period. Most K-12 schools have either commenced classes or will on Tuesday. Everyone will savor the waning days of summer that still remain and start preparation to winterize their homes and vehicles. Soon the "winter" clothes will emerge from storage while "summer" attire disappears.

Tonight we only have TMR and myself scheduled for the shift. He dispatched on Thursday. I did it last night. Neither one of us wants to do it. Maybe we can split the night 50/50.





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