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Wednesday, August 29, 2007



Yesterday was its release date. I can hardly wait to get/read it. USA TODAY had a nice write-up about it. I've heard that the current edition of American Way, the in-flight magazine for American Airlines, also has a squib but I couldn't find it on their web edition.

I hope it becomes a best seller. The only "spoiler" that I've heard is that she is gay. Which matters nothing to me.

Today is the third anniversary of hurricane Katrina hitting NOLA.

My last fare of the shift ended at 11:16p. My relief didn't showup until almost 4:30a. 5 hours of nothing to do.

"Murph", ONE-NINE's day driver on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, only added 85 miles over the last 2 days.

Half a dozen fares during the prior 4 hours. Had one couple twice, taking them to and from dinner. And had another girl twice. A kama'aina, I took her from work to her home and then picked her and her roommate up a half hour later, headed to the "Triangle".

The second fare was one of note though. A mother and 10/11-ish daughter from Portland, OR USA. They had attended the luau at the Maui Prince and were headed back to their condo, in north-central Kihei. She was a psychic vampire. A person who can suck all the energy out of a room by just walking into it. You know the type. Started of with wanting to know how much the fare was going to be. She got my standard answer:
"Whatever the meter reads when we get there. It starts at $3.50 and adds $3 for each mile traveled."

'Will it be more than $25?"

"Probably closer to $30 / $35."

"It only cost me $15 to get here."

"Not in a cab."

The rest of the ride she whoaed and bemoaned about her entire visit. The fridge in her condo wasn't working and all the food she had purchased was spoiling but she didn't want a repair person to come in when she wasn't there and her "dance card" was full for everyday of her stay. As we approach their condo she starts in on the little girl, saying that everything that has gone wrong was all her fault and that she didn't want to speak to her the rest of the night. Definitely "Mother Of The Year" material.

The fare was $31.10 and they gave me $31, exactly. Not only stiffed for the tip but also shorted on the fare. But somehow I knew it was going to turn out that way during the first 30 seconds of the ride. As she exited, I told her
"Lady, you had better start to learn how to take control and responsibility for your life and quit blaming others, especially your young daughter, or you will end up alone and miserable when you reach my age. Grow the fuck up."

6 fares / 63 miles / 4th quarter below $100 bracket




3-D Relief Map Of Haleakala
Makawao Avenue Upcountry
Moonrise Over Haleakala
Pukalani Upcountry
Pukalani The Lights Of
King Kekaulike High School
Sports Field On The Horizon

"Let's all be careful out there!"