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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I have just watched this excellent film for the second time. Have you seen it? A love story set it in late 60's America with limited dialog. Told by renditions of the music of the Beatles. The title is from a song written by Lennon and the film comprises 33 songs by the mop tops. It was released in the US just last October and received mixed reviews. It was also nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. Even the visual feel has the taste of the counter-revolutionary 60s. If you are old enough, this will strike a resonance cord in your soul. Try to watch it. Wikipedia. IMDb.

Speaking of films, I have devised a new method of rating them.
The Four year old attention factor.
How many minutes of a film doesn't capture the interest level and attention of a young'un. I have seen two films since returning to the mainland. Indiana Jones and The Incredible Hulk. The first had a total of 15 minutes that didn't hold the interest of GS#4. The Hulk lost his attention for almost 40 minutes!

The multi-plex I saw both features in is huge. The lobby alone is bigger than any of the multi-screen complexes on Mau'i.

My official birth certificate from Los Angeles County finally arrived over the weekend and, today, I submitted my passport application. Now I have to start searching for locations that are hiring ESL instructors. Should have the passport in about 4 weeks. Getting ready for the next step in my life. I had been hoping to get some of my rent deposit back but that hasn't happened yet. I know/knew I would take a hit on it but I had anticipated a few hundred, at least. And Judy and Richard haven't had any luck selling my car and belongings. Damn! To say that money is tight would be an understatement. Life is never as easy as we would like. Is it?

The Hubble Space Telescope captured the image of a ribbon of light. Generated by a supernova over 8,000 years ago and visible on Earth by our ancestors in 1006ce.

The final service mission to Hubble will occur sometime in October of this year. That should keep it functional until its replacement, the James Webb Space Telescope, goes into orbit, sometime in 2013.

A rather intoxicated gentleman from Sweden decided that it was time to go home. So he stole a rowboat to get back to Denmark.

He only wrote two words, one an expletive, but at least he got 2 credits for his efforts in a British school test.

Due to shoddy production from outsourcing to China, the German firm Steiff, which has made teddy bears for over 100 years, is going to bring back the manufacturing to the Fatherland.

The "Queen of Mean" left millions to cover the care of her cat, Trouble. She also left billions (thats an additional 3 zeros) for canine care.

Even smokers like me know the addiction is dangerous. Often in ways seldom recognized.

I guess the price is always negotiable in prostitution.

Upcoming films I hope to see:

"Let's all be careful out there!"


"Let's all be careful out there!"



Barack is tendering an offer to the Christian Taliban in an attempt to get some votes from that segment of the electorate which seldom, if ever, votes for anyone but staunch conservatives. McCain tried something similar last week when he met with the Rev. Billy Graham, hoping for an endorsement. He didn't get it.

So, was she a poor sad little rich girl? An emotionally dysfunctional brat? A victim of the Russian mafia in the US? One thing is for sure, she'll never get any more beautiful than she was just an instant prior to slamming into the asphalt.

I seriously wonder what the impute was that finally made North Korea decide to abandon their nuclear program? The fact that the majority of the nation was starving?

Mongolia is a country that you seldom hear about. Not any more.

"Justice is mine, sayeth the Lord."

"You can have whats left when we're done." sayeth the police.
A Prince George County, Maryland, police officer was drug to death over the weekend. Now one of the four suspects arrested in that homicide has turned up dead.

While incarcerated at the county jail.


Shit happens, doesn't it?

"Badge? Badge! I ain't got to show you no stinkin' badge!" And would it really make a difference if he did?

I guess that alternate plan of becoming a used car salesperson was not well thought out.

There is still one politician out there who is a legend in his own mind. Thank gawd that almost everybody could see through him. Earlier and better than they could Dubya.

Thanks everybody for dropping in. As alway, there will be more later. Two more work days until the 3-day weekend. Be safe!

"Let's all be careful out there!"