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Saturday, September 30, 2006



At 3:00am, Friday morning, I was doing my grocery shopping. As I left the store, this confrontation was taking place. The young man in black is a store employee and is their "in-house" security at night. The kid in the white t-shirt is a local punk who has been banned from the store for multiple reasons, mostly involving theft. The lady is Maggie, the nightshift checker.

The lighting is ambient and poor. The language is coarse. I rate it as PG-13.

Off camera were three friends of the young punk. I decided to hang around in case they wanted to gang up on the store employee. I finally convinced the employee to go back in the store to defuse the situation. When the punk didn't have a focal point he decided to leave with his "brahs".

I didn't work last night. My body decided it was time to clean out my innards. The only thing I had eaten the day before was a "Twister Wrap" from KFC. Didn't even drink anything but water all shift. This seems to be happening more frequently of late. I wonder why?

Oh, well. Feces occurs (literally [wink]).


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