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Friday, November 16, 2007



My first fare was 3 ladies going from The Shops At Wailea to a relatively new condo complex in Makena. Just south of Makena Surf. Was back in Wailea by 8p. Terry (#07) took over the phone at 9p and advised #1-8 and #0-9 that is was time for them to go home. "Dip-Shit " (09) was not happy. The evening dispatcher has advised, over the radio, that there was a 9:20p reservation from the Kea Lani to the Westin, in Ka'anapali. The rule is that those day drivers who will not accept their turn at dispatching must call it a night at 9p. With his departure I became first up in Wailea and got the run.

A nice young couple from SoCal. Brother and sister, they are here for a friends wedding. The nuptuals will be today. Derek (24) and Julie (22) were the type of siblings that we all wish we had. Both worked for their dad's construction/supply company. A very pleasant pair.

The trip went easily until we got to the north end of Lahaina. Traffic ground to a halt at the Lahaina Cannery Mall. Took about 30 minutes to inch our way past the problem, there are no detours available. I don't know what happened but the power poles line the mountain side of the road and, where the bottle neck was, there was a pole lying on the oceanside seawall. I couldn't see evidence of a traffic collision. I am sure that eventually our local rag will have some miniscule details to purvey. I'll pass them along when I find out.

Worked my way back to Kihei and sat.

My next, and final, run was at 2:30a, from the bottom end of Kihei into Wailea.

That was it.

3 fares / 96 miles / 1st quarter $100 bracket

I dispatch tonight. Hopefully there will be some activity.






"Let's all be careful out there!"