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Saturday, February 02, 2008


...1/3rd OF WHAT I DID JANUARY 2006

And I am hearing a lot of discontent in the night driver's voices. Not all of them but spread between the old and the new. We had 6 night cabs and we really only needed 3. One split at midnight and another at 1:30 AM and we still had one too many for the bar-close.
The police were out in force again last night. Not only preventing any disturbance but also, this time, using unmarked cars to work DUI enforcement.
This is Jessica & Anna (Ah-Nah), part of a 4-some that I acquired from a residence in far north Kihei. Took them, and the pic, back home at bar-close. Seasoned drinkers, there was no hint of a queasy stomach or belligerence or LOUD. Pleasantly tipsy, a little silly, and totally relaxed. Just the way people want to and should feel after a night out.

Took Pat & Ray up to Capische last night. They had a wonderful dinner, enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and were entertained by an excellent jazz combo (piano & brass). I listened while I waited for them, on the return. Sure beat anything coming out of either radio in the cab.

For a Friday, we weren't that busy. While I never left town, only one fare was below $11.00, which provided some consolation.

9 fares / 84 miles / 3rd quarter $100 bracket

One more to go! On Monday I have to actually be a "day" person and go to Kahului to renew my taxi driver's license. Thats going to hurt. I haven't seen daylight since the sun began setting before my "day" began. And the sun will be back in my life soon as it is getting lighter in the sky each evening as I head out the door.

See you after work tomorrow. Until then...





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