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Friday, June 29, 2007



The sunset last night was breath-taking. The fire, on the "west-side", continues to burn. Traffic management along SR-30 (Honoapi'ilani Highway) is still chaotic and the emergency shelter is still open at Maui High School, in Kahului, for those folks stranded on this side.

I shot these images between 7:10p and 7:35p, from the Wailea Lookout.

As the almost full moon rose over Haleakala, we were treated to some outstanding views. I actually took 29 photos and then narrowed it down to these 6. I hope you enjoy them.

After sitting for an hour, I finally was dispatched into town for a return to Wailea. One hour later was my next fare, also from Kihei to Wailea. All the drivers were antsy. This is summer and it was D E A D ! I told them not to worry. Our business was going to come during the bar rush and bar close. Hardin (#25) didn't believe me and bailed by 8p. All but one of the day drivers were gone by then also. As I predicted, the phone went crazy at 10p. Everybody at the hotels were ready to get "shit-faced" and we were glad to oblige their endeavor. The bar rush earned me 6 trips and the bar close added 2 more. 3 additional on the graveyard rounded out the night.

Two of the grave runs were interesting. The first was three 18 yo girls from Los Angeles, California. Enjoying their freedom on Mau'i, they had hooked up with some fellas and started out to party last night. As soon as they were in the guys' car, the boys started passing around a fifth of Seagrams. The girls declined to indulge. After watching the driver take a healthy swig from the proffered bottle, they began to fear for their safety. Smart cookies! At the first stop, a convenience store to replenish supplies, the girls got out of the vehicle and started walking. They were NOT! having any part of this bullshit. Somehow, they eventually ended up at a condo near the Safeway Store, which is where I gathered them up. Took them to a private residence up in Maui Meadows. Even though it was past 2a, all three ladies were stone cold sober. Their parents should be proud.

As I was dropping them, I received a request from MPD. 4 people going from FoodLand to the Kea Lani.

Arrived and it was four young ladies, also from Los Angeles. All approximately 21-22 yo. They had enjoyed a night at the "Triangle" and didn't know how to get back to their hotel. Big city people do have a problem realizing that we aren't as flush with cabs as they are accustom to. The MPD-Kihei District Station is next door to FoodLand and they stopped an officer driving past and asked for assistance. During the time it took me to arrive, about 10 minutes, he had arranged to meet up with them at Liquids tonight. He will be off-duty and he is good looking and single, I think. Well, he'll have a 1-in-4 chance of "scoring". All four expressed an interest in him, during our journey.

13 fares / 128 miles / top end of the $100 bracket

By all indications, tonight should be very busy. Its a full moon. Payday. The end of the month. The start of Fourth of July week. Oh, and my night to run the show. I figure that all hell will probably break loose.

Check back on Saturday, those few of you who stop in over the weekend, and see what happened.




Sea Front
Tiki God
Waiting To Get "Shot"


"Let's all be careful out there!"