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Wednesday, November 14, 2007



The son, the "daughter" and the "ex" all called today to wish me the best. And then to cap the evening, Richard and Judy took me out to dinner. We spent a very enjoyable 2+ hours together. It is so nice that he doesn't drink. Judy was looking as great as ever. Her eyes usually close when a flash goes off and in the shot (above) she is deliberately forcing them open. That is the cause of the "strained" look. I had OUTBACK's new roasted sirlon. Not half bad. It comes with au gratin potatoes and steamed fresh veggies. Sadly, I passed on the veggies, can't chew carrots anymore. Substituted their chopped salad with blue cheese dressing. I can still handle that. Used to be that I could go to dinner, order the largest serving available for my entre, consume everything on my plate in just a few minutes and then finish off whatever others left behind. Not so anymore. Takes forever to eat anything and, thus, I eat a lot slower. Took about half my dinner home in a doggie bag.

It was hot here yesterday. The temp reached the lower 90's and the humidity was in the upper 80's. The NWS said that the trades would be returning in the afternoon but they never reached into Kihei. Maybe today.

Today's THE PICTURE GALLERY is abbreviated. Sorry. Haven't had a lot of time to scrounge the web for acceptable images. I'll try harder tomorrow.

Back to work tonight. We should start seeing some early Thanksgiving Holiday arrivals on Friday.






"Let's all be careful out there!"