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Thursday, September 27, 2007



A fellow nightowl:
~ Donda ~
She works two graves a week of her schedule at a local "Stop & Rob".
Nice lady, rough life. Just making ends meet each month, like most folks on Mau'i.

2 hours before my first fare. Only 2 day shift holdovers, one of which left by 8p. The other stayed until midnight. 4 scheduled night cabs. 6 total on the road. We could have handled the entire night with just three. Well, actually just 2 but having that "spare" keeps things from getting sticky.

"Crazy" Brian went home at 9p. He starts his 2-week vacation at 5a today. Taking his girlfriend to South America. Specifically Peru, Chile and Bolivia. That will bring his "Countries Visited" list to 42. He has over 20 hours worth of flying to do. Mau'i-Honolulu-Los Angeles-Miami-Lima. Whew!

The most interesting fare last night was taking the boss's wife and sister-in-law home. They were funny and we joked over the short trip. Of course, they picked one of the slowest nights to "do the town".

The crew tonight will only consist of 3 cabs. ONE-NINE, TMR (#27) and the new guy Terry (#07). Probably also, unfortunately, have 3 day holdovers. Thursdays have often been the best night of the week, in the recent past. I NEED the next 3 nights to be really, really profitable. The 1st is Monday. Its doable.

6 fares / 69 miles / 3rd quarter below $100 bracket

I hope you can make it back tomorrow.




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"Let's all be careful out there!"