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Saturday, October 20, 2007



Meet Bruce and Pietrina, from Royal Oak, MI USA

They just might come back next year and tie the knot. A very vivacious, loving young couple. I liked them. They leave today.

Okay, the cabbie part of the shift was a stellar performance. The dispatching part was the shits. Not that it was busy but I seemed to have left my brain on the pillow when I woke up yesterday. Lets just say that I would be generous if I awarded my self anything above a "C-". I would rate it as the worst job I've ever done as a dispatcher. Attention span, memory, attitude. Everything was wrong. I apologize to my associates, my company, et al.

I was late to start since I had to stop by the owners house and pick up the phone and portable. Less than 3 minutes after logging on I get a Wailea to Sansei. A quick $20 fare is a good way to start the "day". As I was dropping, a nice couple asked me to take them to Wailea. A "bounce-back"!

Then I took Bruce and Pietrina to dinner, returned them later. I met them on Thursday night and we just "clicked". Told them what/where all the good restaurants were. I may not do tours but I know the "night-side" of south Mau'i intimately.

Then I was in the right spot, at the right moment, to get a Wailea-OGG. $100 on the meter by 9:15p!! I just went with the flow.

A few bar-rush then the usual dead period between 11p and midnight.

A few bar-close

Dog-watch added 7 more fares to the trip sheet.

The money, and tips, were excellent.

18 fares / 140 miles / 4th quarter $200 bracket

The most popular of my recent posts, according to my trackers, was the Rush Limbaugh one of October 2nd.

Seems people, mostly (but not all) from Islamic nations, using search engines are seeking "Ass Paradise" or "Paradise Ass". I wonder how many became enamored with Ol' Rush's face?

I think I will put up a putrid porn title and see what is drawn out of the woodwork. Please don't be shocked.

Sunday's are now back on my schedule. Also, unless I have phone duty, I have been cleared to go straight to Lahaina for Halloween. That typically is a $300 to $500 night. The bane of that is I still need to be back in Kihei around 2a to cover the graveyard shift. Lose out on the late bar-close on Front Street.

How's your weekend going?




Assorted Mau'i


"Let's all be careful out there!"


If you came here via a search engine, I want to thank you for letting me record your IP#, ISP, Location and a few other interesting facts about you.

I am sure the police will appreciate me forwarding this information on to them.

Have a nice day, pervert. You don't have too many left.

"Let's all be careful out there!"