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Sunday, September 02, 2007



And Halloween isn't until the 31st of October. So why are the Halloween candy displays already set up?


Even worse, the first of the Christmas items are starting to appear.

They should at least wait until after Labor Day.

"Doncha tink?"

Thought you would like this example of pidgin.

I wonder which of the Fates that I pissed off. I got stuck with the phone.

Started the night with 6 cabs on the road. By a quarter past 7p I had worked my way to the front of the queue. Had my first fare at 20 after. A nice lady who needed to do some shopping at Safeway, since she had arrived today. She had flown American from Dallas-Fort Worth on a direct flight to Mau'i. Her luggage hadn't. She wasn't late checking in checking in, actually was early. There is no need to worry about transferring bags from one plane to another. Yet somehow, American Airlines's DFW baggage handlers didn't quite have their act together. She had called them just before I picked her up and AA still hadn't located the bags in their system and thus could not give her an ETA.

I spent the night ping-ponging again. We had long runs, with more people than I could accommodate in ONE-NINE, and we had short runs, which was my domain for the shift. An even blend of resident and tourist. We were also fortunate enough to have Tina (#05) stay with TMR and myself through bar close. She normally goes pau at midnight.

The usual assortment of calls, most purely business but the occasional "Kihei" response to where they wanted to be picked up. And you all know how much fun I have with those. One of them told me he didn't like my attitude. I told him
"You have to have a brain to have an attitude. I guess you got left out."


The final fare of the shift was the "cherry" for the shift. TMR and Tina were both under fare, headed to Wailea from the "Triangle". I was dropping in north central Kihei. Get a call requesting a cab in the far north end of town. I clear and head that way. Make the pick-up and we are headed to the "West-Side". Honokowai (north of Lahaina & Ka'anapli) to be exact. My take for the night jumped up by 50%!

On my return to the "south-side", I was passing by Ma'alaea and noticed a white pickup truck in front of me weaving and drastically changing speed. An obvious DUI. Follow him to the junction of SR30/SR310 and he turns south towards Kihei.
9-1-1 on the cell phone and I advise the MPD dispatcher what is going down. He turns off SR310 onto South Kihei Road. About 2 miles down, 2 MPD patrol cars make the enforcement stop. The thanked me and kicked me loose. Whether they made an arrest or not, I'll never know. At least I did my part to protect MY ROAD. By the way he was driving I would guesstimate a BA of 0.18% to 0.25%.

0.08% is the legal limit in Hawai'i.

16 fares / 151 miles / 2nd quarter $200 bracket

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Oh, Judy is home. Medicated, sedated and enjoying being pampered by Richard.

See you tomorrow.

Same "Bat-Time". Same "Bat-Channel".




Kula Sunrise
Looking Down On Kalului
Kula Rainbow
Kula Lodge
Afternoon Clouds

"Let's all be careful out there!"