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Wednesday, January 09, 2008



I'd be really well off.

The first run was at 7:25 PM. The second wasn't until 9:25 PM. Thats a lousy start to the night. Then 10:00 PM hit and things started churning. A few were from the resorts in Wailea but the majority were either residents or tourists staying in condos. While I really don't like drunks, I have to admit that they are my "bread and butter" and tonight they saved my ass. Started taking them to the bars and rolled right into taking them back home. Stayed active from 10p until 2a. The dog watch added two more fares.

The strange ride of the night was also my only trip out of town. Dispatched to a residence in far north Kihei, one man going somewhere in Kahului. Pull up to the house and it is empty and up for sale. Advise dispatch and await instructions and confirmation on the address. Out of nowhere, this little Filipino guy appears and wants to go to the Kahului Industrial Park, a commercial/light industrial area. Collect the deposit and off we go. He wouldn't give me a street name or business name, so it was verbal directions as we got closer to the destination. Finally was told to pull to the curb in the middle of nothing but blacked out buildings. Gave him his change and he stepped out and faded into the darkness. The only thing open was a Filipino bar about 3 blocks further up the street. During the trip we tried to carry on a conversation but his accent was so thick I only understood maybe one word in ten. His sentence structure was pidgin, which obscured his meanings even further.

But my translation of "tourist speak" was better. Got everyone home, even though the majority didn't have the foggiest idea of the name, or address, of their condo. As much luck as skill, to be honest.

13 fares / 125 miles / 4th quarter $100 bracket

I have no idea what type of groups are at the resorts this week but I sure hope that they start going out to do things. Soon.

Stop back by tomorrow. Maybe it will get better.





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