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Thursday, August 17, 2006


You can continue what you are doing right now

Or just say WTF and kick back next to the beach.

Or perhaps take a long, leisurely drive along the infamous
"Road To Hana"

If the day is too warm and the "trades" have died, you can always go "upcountry" to cool off.


Like San Francisco, They have built as far up the steep mountains as they can.

Of course, it is still Hawai'i and their sunsets are as stunning as Mau'i's.


No matter what happened last night, I "nailed" the brass ring the entire shift. Spent the shift (24 runs) going in circles all over south Mau'i. This shift made it into the "$$-Top 10-$$" of all the nights I have worked as a cabbie.

And not one obnoxious fare. Very genial drunks.

The only strange person I met was during an "after close" pick-up from Neptunes. Waiting for three guys to come out of the bar when an emaciated "ice-head" woman walked up to my door and told me to get off of her parking lot. I sat there in awe as she ranted and raved about me spying on her, following her through Kalama Park with my lights off. The more she spoke, the more ludicrous her words became. The guys came out of the bar and she began accusing them of stealing her cab.

5 years, max, and she'll be dead. "Ice" eats them up pretty fast.


"Let's all be careful out there!"