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Friday, October 20, 2006



Picked up a guy from The Grand at 1:00am and took him to Mulligans. A $6.20 pu-pu run. Intoxicated, just on the edge of obnoxious. One more drink should do it. He is here on his honeymoon, got married this past Saturday.

"Where's your new bride?"

"She's back in the room asleep. I needed a drink before I go to bed."
My next run was in town, going to Mulligans, also, Two very pretty young ladies. Just as I enter Wailea I am advised that there is a pick-up at Mulligans, going back to The Grand.

The girls hop out and this guy ogles them, from head-to-toe. As obvious as a fart in church.

"Hey. I know I called for you but I want to talk to these beautiful women. Might get lucky. Who knows. Swing by for me later."

"Just have the bartender call us when you are ready."
30-minutes later, I get the call to pick him up. I am about 10-minutes away. A few minutes later I get another call for 4 people at Mulligans. Then the guy calls himself when I was 2 minutes out. The 4-some calls direct when I am just 1 minute away.

The solo guy has priority but he is nowhere in sight.
You snooze, you loose.
Took the 4-pax up into Maui Meadows. Two guys and the two early 20's girls that I had brought to Mulligans.

I know all of them and the girls told me how this guy kept hitting on them. As I guessed, the 3 or 4 drinks he consumed was enought to move him over the "line" that turns people into assholes. He definately was the antithesis of the typical bridegroom.

I guessed he walked back to the hotel. Never had any more calls.

*** *** ***

I woke up in the late afternoon and called Judy. Thats when I found out that we had another windless monsoon rain and that everything was flooded again. Forecast calls for 80% chance of rain til Sunday. Most tourists are surprised at just how badly they can get sunburned when there is heavy cloud cover.

Lots of "lobsters" in the cab tonight.

*** *** ***

Pretty decent might. 15 notches and 135 miles.


Aerial Views Of East Mau'i

The Late George Harrison's House & Garden
Hana Airport
Looking Across The Valley
Pauwalu Point And Moko Mana Island
Pauwalu & Keanae
Kahanu Garden & Pi'ilanihale Heiau
Pi'ilanaihale Heiau
Mama's Fish House

"Let's all be careful out there!"