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Wednesday, September 05, 2007



Gas dropped another 2-cents. When I was in Lahaina on Saturday night the price was $3.549. In Kula, on Sunday, it was $3.529. Kihei was $3.579 on those days.

As anticipated, it was very slow last night. Labor Day ends our summer vacation season and we enter the doldrums until Christmas. As slow as this past year has been, it is foreboding to guess what the next, almost, 4 months will be like. We will spike on Halloween. I can usually take home between $300-$400 on that night, working Lahaina. Also, Thanksgiving week in November is always good and marks the part of the year when we are a ghost town. Monday following Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November) until 5 days before Christmas is the absolute slowest time of the year. Thats also when drivers quit to find more substantial employment. Thus reducing the driver pool and leaving what little there is available to those of us who are there all year round.

7 fares / 67 miles / 3rd quarter below $100 bracket

Just as I was getting off this morning, I spied that a cane field was being burnt for harvest today. The field was close to the home in north Kihei. I took the picture (left) from about 6 miles away. It looked like the mushroom cloud associated with a "nuke". There was no wind and as the smoke hit the thermo-cline it began reflecting the flames. You'll need to look at the fullsize image and scroll to the lower center.
This an enhanced cropped/blowup.

Digital cameras just don't do justice to this type of night shot. You need a long exposure film camera.




Upcountry Mau'i

Annual Fourth Of July Parade


"Let's all be careful out there!"