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Sunday, April 20, 2008



I think this is something that everyone can get a grip on.

Some more entries for my LEX LUTHOR DOESN'T EXIST category:

Calling the cops after getting robbed in a drug deal just seems so...

I don't know about you but, before going thru a security screening, I always remove anything that might draw attention. Like bazookas, IEDs, low yield nuclear weapons, drugs. It makes life a lot less confining.

This ranks right up there with taking candy from a baby.


We all remember the Tower of Babel from our Sunday School classes. Something interesting has been noted over the past few years in the study of petroglyphs. It seems that cultures with no known point of contact and scattered widely over the globe used symbols in their wall paintings that would be recognizable by each other. A universal language. To me this isn't too surprising. The concepts being portrayed weren't dealing in the abstract but rather a depiction of real life events. Subject matter that would be common to all humans. The use of visual representation would therefore tend to contain certain common denominators.

Congress is finally reacting to a GAO (General Accountability Office) report that asserts the US has no comprehensive plan for dealing with al Qaeda in Afghanistan. You might vaguely remember Afghanistan. Its that place we invaded before the war with Iraq. The stronghold of al Qaeda. The base of operations for Osama bin Laden. You do remember him, don't you? Seems like Dubya has totally forgotten. Coming up on 7 years and Osama is still out there, despite Dubya issuing a "Dead or Alive" warrant.

I bet our Fearless Leader is trying to find a way to emulate Putin. In the control of the press, that is.

The Soviet Bloc had its curtain. Berlin had its wall and coming soon to a border south of you, America will have its fence. I am not so sure that it is to keep undocumented aliens out as much as to keep us in.

Enjoy your Sunday.
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