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Wednesday, November 07, 2007



Sadly there were only 3 pu-pu runs between them.

Sunday and Monday were as bad, if not worse. We are in the doldrums until Friday, November 16th, before we get our next spurt of good business for the Thanksgiving Holiday week.

Did you know that if you have VoIP for your phone service and your ISP has connectivity problems, you don't have a phone. That might be a crucial issue in the event of a tsunami or earthquake or hurricane.

The guy hired to cover the dog-watch on my days off walked off the job on Monday night. I had privately given him a max of 2 months before he was gone. He has never stayed anywhere very long. I've known him since 2000. And we have hired an old driver back. He'll be driving ONE-NINE 4 day shifts a week. I like him. He is a bit gruff and a little rough around the edges but he is a good, reliable driver.

Considering how the past few Tuesdays have gone, I'd have to rate this one as decent.

5 fares / 108 miles / 2nd quarter $100 bracket

Solved 99.9% of my PC's problems by replacing the keyboard. The old one was over 6 years old and had been through many "oops" in its life. I think a drop of sweat from my iced tea may have fallen between the keys unnoticed. Moisture and electronics do not make good bedfellows.

Have a great week everybody.




The Shops At Wailea

"Let's all be careful out there!"