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Thursday, November 09, 2006



As I mentioned before, I create, and save as drafts, my posts a couple of days in advance. This way all I need to do is just come home and then add the shift details and stories. Blogger uses the original draft time and date as the posting time and date. So, I must cc&p the completed draft to a newly created post on both Blogger and Blogger-Beta. Thats easily done. Afterwards I go back in and delete the original draft. Since Blogger-Beta has a faster and more reliable picture upload, thats where I do the original creations. Well, it turns out that when I delete the draft, I lose the links to the enlarged images. And you folks click on an image and get a 404 file error. This didn't happen with the original Blogger. Now I have learned how to prevent this from occurring in the future. Turns out that in the "Beta" I must remove little "check-marks" from each image. Then the draft will go bye-bye and the images will remain in the Blogger photofile repository.

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I think I am just tired of people at the moment. Decided to stay home a second night, order in some pizza and chill. Between brain dead "talking head" newscasters and zombie political spin doctors, I have never heard so much useless babble spewed from my TV in my life, excluding Bush's last 6 State Of The Union speeches. TV has to be better tonight than last night, no election coverage. Right? Wrong! I see that by working nights I am not missing much of anything.

I have to go back to work tonight (Thursday). If I watch one more night of the boob-tube I might just consider drastic action. Think I'll see if my VHS copy of TAXIDRIVER still plays. Need something to lighten the mood.


Fagan's Cross
Hana, Hawai'i
"Thar She Blows"

A Whale Of A Tale
A Tail Of A Whale
Some Rugged Coastline

Below The Surface

Atop Haleakala


"Let's all be careful out there!"