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Saturday, April 15, 2006



I logged on at 7:00pm and didn't get my first dispatch until 8:00pm. Sat at the Four Seasons until 8:26pm, when I made pickup to OGG. It was a pleasant run with a lady and her daughter, who were returning to Santa Monica, CA, USA.

I had taken over dispatch at 7:15pm and we were having a rather active evening. After the recent "dry" shifts we have suffered through, the other drivers transformed into a tiger shark feeding frenzy. They started questioning the allocation of the runs. Being real asses. I finally became feed up with the complaints and tossed the phone to the last complainer and told him to have a nice graveyard shift. I went home at 1:30am. I just didn't care anymore.

We are not compensated for dispatching, its just a duty that we all share. And sometimes the grief I suffer through, trying to make sure everyone makes money, just isn't worth it.

It's now 10:30am and I've finally calmed down.

Only took 15 revisions of this post to eliminate the profanity,


Someone e-mailed me about those little flags under the banner.

They flags represent where each visitor to Paradise Driver is from.

Wouldn't it be unique to have all 160+ nations of the world represented here?

File that thought away in the WILD DREAMS folder.


"Let's all be careful out there!"