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Thursday, January 18, 2007



My final run of the night, to OGG from Wailea, doubled my meter for the shift. Yeah, it was that bad.

Made contact with a valet's leg during a drop at one of the hotels. He said he was okay but was limping. He did finish his shift.

Hapa's is supposedly going to reopen in Ma'alaea. This story is funny-odd in that I just heard this last night and today someone has already googled "hapa's maalaea" and were directed to my blog. Thats about 7 miles north of its prior location, in the isolated Ma'alaea harbor area. Any fares from there are going to be very good. But the Wailuku/Kahului cabs are just as far away and thus we will be competing with cabs from a different part of the island. Lahaina cabs will probably cover it also, since itnow will be only 20 minutes from Front St. They are going to need to keep at least three cop cars in the area for the fights. Even rolling "EMERGENCY" from town would still take 10 minutes to get there.

I had a scheduled 4:30am to OGG from Wailea and a scheduled 5:00am from a different Wailea hotel to OGG. No problem about covering them, I called Flor (#27) but, naturally, the phone rings just before 4:00am. A guy at the MPD Kihei District Station wanting to go way "up country". A good $75-$100 trip. He didn't want to wait for a "day-driver" to check-in. I don't know how he made it but, while I could've used the funds, he didn't know the address or even the street name he wanted to be taken to. Just that it was the home of a prominent businessman, whose name I didn't recognize and definitely had no idea where he lived. It would have been my fault that I couldn't find the black cat in the coal bin on a moonless night, that wasn't there.

Lets hope that tonights shift is better. I should be picking up this morning's OGG drop around 8:00pm and returning her to Wailea. That would be a good start to the night.

I probably just jinxed it by mentioning it


Zodiac Speeding Along The Na Pali Coast Of Kaua'i
Fog Enshrouded Coast Of The Kalalau Valley
HighCliffs Bordering Beach Area
Along The Na Pali Coast
Kayaker Along The Na Pali Coast
Lunch Pavillion
At The Secluded Beach Near Nualolo Kai
Monk Seal Lounging On The Beach
Multi-Colored Na Pali Coast Of Kaua'i
Na Pali Coast Of Kaua'i
Old Hawaiian Fishing Village Named Nualolo Kai
InThe Na Pali Coast State Park On Kaua'i

Path From The Old Hawaiian Fishing Village To The Beach
Polihale Beach
The Longest In Hawai'i At 17 Miles
Rocky Coast Near The Ancient Fishing Village
Sea Cliffs Bordering The long And Beautiful Polihale Beach

Sea Cliffs Towering Over The Nualolo Kai Area
Taking A Swim
In The Open Ceiling Cave
On The Na Pali Coast
The Southern End Of Kaua'i's Na Pali Coast
This Sea Cave
On The Na Pali Coast
Has Been Featured In Several Hollywood Films
View From The Inside Of A Sea Cave
Waterfall Along The Na Pali Coast
Waterfall Inside A Sea Cave
On tThe Na Pali Coast
Zodiacs And Kayaks Anchored At A Secluded Beach
On The Na Pali Coast

"Let's all be careful out there!"