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Friday, May 26, 2006


Ya tink der be one market dis book, brah?


"Let's all be careful out there!"



To Roger & Catherine from Sydney, NSW, AU.

The damn camera failed. (Dead Batteries)

That really torques my jaw.


Dropped another penny.


These signs started appearing along the shoulder of various roads the past couple of days. No "identifiers" anywhere on the sign to hint at the origin of the message.

Curious. Its picqued my curiosity. Maybe one of my readers on Mau'i knows what this is all about.

Nice idea though.


Monday, May 29th, is our National Holiday, Memorial Day. The Friday prior marks our unofficial start of the summer vacation (holiday) season, which hits mid-stride on Independence Day (4th of July) and concludes on Labor Day (first Monday in September)

I like what Shadow wrote on her blog.


MPD is stressing seatbelt use this holiday weekend. I read that Mau'i County has the highest compliance (something like 87%) to the mandatory seatbelt law than anywhere else in the nation.

Speaking of seatbelts. That collision on Monday was a fatal.

And speaking of fatal incidents. Here is our local entry for the Darwin Award.

Flashing roadside sign.


And no outlandish individuals.

Either Wednesday or Thursday was Lahaina Noon in Kihei. The tradewinds are non-existent and the past few days have been sticky reminders that we live in "The Tropics".

I have a feeling that this three day weekend is going to be rather active. And, if the "trades" don't come back, there will be a greater than average number of fights as the nights amble on.

Had a late night run to Pukalani, up the hill, about 3:30am. The husband passed out and snored (loudly) all the way there. The lady kept thanking me for picking them up. As SOP, I had collected an $80 deposit for the run and the meter read $63.20 at their home. Gave the lady seven $1 bills and two $5's. Figured that she would have every opportunity (she already had the motivation) to give some type of decent tip.

Yeah, right.

She didn't even cover the 20 cent balance.

People who
"thank you"

profusely and people who say
"Don't worry. I'll take care of you"

seldom have their words match their action.

Crossing the isthmus, just before daybreak, I noticed that a cane field was being burned prior to harvest.

When the embers die down, later in the day, the mechanized cutters will scour the field and the denuded stalks will be taken to the sugar mill, in Pu'unene, for roller pressing (the process by which the sugar slurry is removed from the cane stalks).

The smoke cloud above this field looked like the mushroom cloud of a low-yield nuclear blast. It probably rose 2,000+ feet (610+ meters) into the still, cloudless, night sky. Later today, the finest of the particulate matter from this event will be covering everything inside and outside of my home.


"Let's all be careful out there!"