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Sunday, June 03, 2007



From log-on til midnight it was extremely slow. 4 fares for 34.4% of my meter. Midnight til 2a gave me 4 more trips, 26.5%. My solo hours, (2a-4a) popped out 3 final jobs, 39.0%. I made money, but it was a struggle.

The local high schools had their commencement exercises on Friday and Saturday night. Another class of Hawai'i public school graduates with the best 2nd-grade (year-2) education that money can buy.

As is normal on Mau'i, about half of the girls needed a babysitter.

Hopped into ONE-NINE, at the beginning of the night, and glanced at the digital clock


Then what few brain cells I still have functioning reminded me that the battery in ONE-NINE had needed replacement. The "pre-sets" on the radio had vanished also.

New battery!!


The OEM battery, that has been in its death throes for the past couple of months, lasted almost 6 years. Impressive. Murph, ONE-NINE's day jockey, told me the replacement was a "7-year" one, so I'll give it 3. Like cop cars, taxis run a heavy electrical load.

The tips ran the gamut of 0 to 100 percent and averaged 50% of the meter, at the end of the night. About normal.

I am sitting here looking at my trip sheet. Not one fare was memorable. A blend of "touristas y locals". The bread & butter of my occupation. Just ordinary people going about their business. Fading from existence as quick as they close the door. The "Janes" and "Joes" who populate the world.

Well, it is the start of my "week-end". Time for dinner. Tickle Bear's tummy, until he gets pissed and draws blood. Turn on the "idiot box" and fall asleep.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, America.

For the rest of the world, just take Monday with a grain of salt. Preferably rimmed on a margarita glass or two.




D. T. Fleming Beach
Red Sand Beach
Kanaha Beach
Big Beach
Little Beach

"Let's all be careful out there!"


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When I completed my shift, this morning (Saturday 2-June-07 / 0445hrs), my odometer read:
Thats miles, just so there is no confusion.

The person that correctly predicts the date and whether AM or PM, that ONE-NINE rolls over to:
100,000 miles
will receive a 2008 Hawai'ian Photo calendar.

Make your prediction in the "Talk Story" (comments) section of this post.

I will leave this post at the top until the contest ends.

If you leave your prediction on another post, it will not be counted.

Oh, your comment must have your e-mail address indicated in the specified box that you fill in when making a post. I am the only one who can see that and I will not give it out.

I will post the winner's "handle" when the event occurs and will notify the winner by e-mail and request a "snail" mail address so I can send it off.

Good luck!


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"Let's all be careful out there!"