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Saturday, April 29, 2006



When I awoke yesterday I wasn't feeling so great. What the heck, just go to work and persevere through it. An hour and a half later, 8:30pm, I would get vertigo when I moved my head and began seeing double. Not good when driving. I was home and asleep by 9:30pm and slept 12 solid hours. The bad thing is that last night was really busy. Better to be safe than sorry though. Feeling better now and I will take a nap before tonight's shift.


"Margie from Michigan" has become the first of my fares to ever post a comment here. Check it out!


You may have noticed that I never respond to any comments.

Don't be offended. I read and appreciate every comment.

I figure that I have the front of the blog and the inside belongs to you folks.

If you post a question, I'll either e-mail you back an answer or post a response here, if its of broad enough interest. If I don't have an e-mail for you and the question is too specific, then I am stuck without a way to respond.

You can always just e-mail me, though, and I will probably get back to you within 24 hours, do to all the time zone differences, etc.

I developed this philosophy after being involved in "the net" for over 8 years now.


Shadow said...

Just have to tell you how much I enjoy the photos. You are in a beautiful area!

By the way, how did you get the little icons of the blogs in your list?! Pretty cool stuff!

Shadow, there are two ways of doing it, depending on whether you are using Blogroll or not.

If you use blogroll go to the "edit" area for each link and right after the "title" of the blog leave a space then insert the url for the image source of the icon being used. Don't forget to start with the opening carat (<). You must change the quotation marks around the image url from a double quote mark (") to a single quote mark ('). After the close quote of the image url but still within the closing carat (>) you add attributes such as width, height and borde.

i.e. width='20' height='20' border='0'. Adjust as necessary for the image but keep it small!!!

If you are just using traditional html links, and not blogroll, you do exactly the same but this method requires the use of the double quotation marks (") rather than single marks (').

Most of the icons I used on the links were the image provided by the blogger in their profile. When that wasn't available then I chose their banner instead. My final option was to take an image from their site that I thought was indicative, such as the overhead view of a London Taxicab that I used for London Cabby's site.

Shadow, your icon is there, next to your site link, but is really dark.

You can also add an image so that it appears in the address bar at the top of you browser. Just look up and see my "badge" icon in the address bar. To do this, just "view" page source here and you'll see where and how to place the appropriate html needed.

Hope this helps.

BTW - blogroll does offer the use of icon links, if you want to pay their premium price.


Since I went home early, this was the only pic I had taken.
'Vanity' Plates
Have a great day, everybody!