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Friday, September 07, 2007



"Let's all be careful out there!"



Chris & Alli
Chicago ("Shy Town"), IL USA

It was an abnormally "normal" night. Stumbled coming out of the gate. Sent for a Wailea pu-pu about 7:30p. Canceled before I arrived. I was just 100 yards from the resort's covered entry. 10 minutes later I finally get a "dinner run" from Wailea to Sansei, in Kihei. A very nice, and chatty early 30's couple from San Diego, CA USA.

Cleared that just before 7p, returned to Wailea and sat for almost an hour.

Second pick-up was at 9p, Hirohatchi back to the Diamond Resort. Hirohatchi is located just a few doors down from Sansei, at the north end of the Kihei Town Center Shopping Center. Also the location of FoodLand and the block due north to the "Triangle". Hirohatchi is a Japanese restaurant. Not "Japanese Style" but a true Japanese restaurant. Very popular among our local Japanese population and our Japanese visitors.

I can't remember ever taking anybody other than Japanese there.

That run started a rush the continued until midnight. By 9:30p it was just "Crazy" Brian (#11), TMR (#27) and ONE-NINE. Chris and Alli were my third run. It was 11:21p before I had a fare below $13. Thats good!

Exactly at midnight everything died. Caught a pu-pu "flag" at 12:30a, just south of the "Triangle".
Then I slumbered lightly at the bus stop in the Foodland parking lot.
Thats "Crazy" doing the same thing in front of me. He went "10-2" at 1:30a. He had a puker about midnight and the smell was getting to him. It does take a while to fade, no matter how good you clean.

The meter wide cherry on the sundae of this shift was a pick-up, at 2:10a, from a gated community in Wailea. She is leaving the island today and her friends had thrown her a "going away party". She needed to get to Ha'iku. She gave me a "Franklin" with the welcomed admonition to "Keep the change" on an $86.60.

Our journey was a bit of an adventure She was sound asleep before I got to north Kihei and I was caught totally "flat-footed". She hadn't seemed excessively intoxicated and we had been carrying on a conversation. Right in mid-sentence, she nodded off.
I didn't have the exact address!
I called her name and she didn't even flinch.
Oh, great.
t was a problem that I was going to have to deal with eventually but right then was not the best time or place.

Drove across the island to Pa'ia, where Mama's Fish House is located, and pulled to the curb under the street lights. She was in the right rear. Seatbelt on, headed tilted to her left shoulder. Sitting "Injun Style" with her hands resting on the seat between her crossed legs. Had to call her name twice before she reacted, then the period of disorientation, that we all get when waking in a strange location, had to run its course. Got the exact address and asked her which way would be best and shortest. She instructed me to continue along the Hana Highway until I got to the Ha'iku Road intersection. The name of her street floored me. It wasn't Hawai'ian! One with an English name. Thats really rare.

She snoozed a bit more as we continued on into Ha'iku but was awake when we got into town and gave great directions to her place. I had located the street on my map while still in Pa'ia and it was going to be a bitch to find, since most of the metal street signs are so badly "weathered" that they can't be read. Ha'iku is way around on the windward side of Mau'i, along the road to Hana.

Got back in Kihei and snagged 2 more fares before calling it a night.

I am a very happy camper.

15 fares / 157 miles / 3rd quarter $200 bracket


Tonight is my phone night. See you tomorrow.





"Let's all be careful out there!"