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Sunday, December 17, 2006



21 runs and well over $300 on the meter. Very, very nice.
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When Europeans first discovered the Sandwich Hawai'ian Islands, the aboriginal population was divided into assorted warring tribes. The smaller islands had just one but the larger islands had many. Only after the British aided King Kamehameha-I, with firearms and cannons, were the tribes united under one sovereign ruler and the island nation of the Kingdom Of Hawai'i was born. The "Aloha Spirit" prevailed and everyone lived in peace and harmony.


Today, the young toughs of the islands have formed the equivalent of gangs. On Mau'i, the three major groups are the "southside", the "westside" and the "central. These are names assigned by me for identification purposes only. The westsiders hate the other two and the central and southsiders have a working truce, often violated. You are born into these gangs, no application necessary. The lineage from the tribes to the gangs is easily traceable. Our Hawai'ian parallel to the Mafia uses these gangs to foster and nurture future members of their group.

These groups mix daily as life's needs demand, but change the scene to a social gathering (i.e. "nightclubs") then the true hatred of one against another becomes apparent.

Last night, around bar close, I had just taken the phone and was cruising Hapa's parking lot. As I neared the exit I could see a group of 10 young Hawai'ians, early twenties, parting ways after an apparent scuffle. I think my driving up on them may have stopped the fight. 7 headed back to the club and the other 3 going towards Lipoa Street. When I reached the street, they hailed me and we went to the Renaissance. They were from the westside and the southside and central boyz didn't appreciate their company.

We may be a State, part of a nation, but clan comes first and the tribes will continue to battle, through eternity.


Buzz's Wharf
Government Buildings

Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church
I'ao Valley
Ka'ahumanu Church
Kahakuloa Hawaiian Congregational Church
Kaukini Gallery
Maui Arts And Cultural Center
Maui Tropical Plantation
Mokuleia Bay - Slaughterhouse Beach
Seabird Sanctuary

The Bell Tower - Lahaina Jodo Mission
The Great Buddha - Lahaina Jodo Mission
The Pagoda - Lahaina Jodo Mission
West Maui Mountains


"Let's all be careful out there!"