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Saturday, November 03, 2007



It was enjoyable not having to dispatch. I did my shift on Thursday. The only disappointing aspect was while all the rest of the night crew had at least 2 runs each out of town, I never left town. My best fare of the shift was $17.30.

We had 2 day shift holdovers at 9p, when Tina (#05) took control. She then did the neatest little trick:
"Zero-Nine. Are you a 'day' or 'night' driver?"

"Uh, base, I am a 'day' driver."

"Well, its 9 o'clock and its time for you and One-Eight to go home."
They went home.

Well, those are the new rules. If you want to stay past 9p then your name is added to the night shift dispatch rotation list and you have to pull "phone" duty until 2a. The exception is that if we are extremely busy, then the night dispatch may request the "day" drivers to hold over and assist without being subject to the dispatch rule.

Had a "puker" last night. But it turned out okay. Responded to an MPD request. 3 young ladies going from FoodLand to Kam Sands. The first of my 6 dog-watch trips. Made the pick-up at 2:11a and was headed south on Kihei Road. The front windows were rolled down and I heard the one in the middle of the rear seat ask the one in the left rear if she was okay. Inside my head the claxons began blaring and the warning lights began to flash. I instantly pressed the control switch and dropped the left rear window. I started to tell her that if she felt queasy to just stick her head out the window. Glanced in the sideview mirror and her head and shoulders were already outside and she was blowing chunks along the roadway. Nary a smug in the interior and, when I checked after dropping them, just a small amount of bile along the rear fender. Easily removed with the UnoCal-76's pump island hose. A negligible amount of lost time. We were so busy at bar close that none of the night crew was able to get away befor 2:30a and the last departed by 3a. Finished off the night with a 4 run spurt between 3:30a and 4a.

19 fares / 116 miles / 1st quarter $200 bracket

I watched 4 15/16 year old girls walk into Micki D's, in Lahaina, on Wednesday night. All were dressed in "Catholic School Girl Uniforms". Ala, earlier Britney Spears. 10 minutes later, the exited dressed in spiked heel boots or shoes, fishnet stocking and garters (a/k/a/ "suspenders"), "boy" shorts that looked like they had been spray painted on and sexy-revealing tops. They now looked like they were 23 or 24. Only betrayed by their lack of assertive body language that a few more years of maturation will provide. They were definitely very sexy looking. Most young ladies enjoy the opportunity to look like a slut when they are in a safe situation and they aren't the only ones sporting that stylized Hollywood street hooker look. Not that they are sluts in real life but it is fun for them to show off and relish the attention they draw. Their eyes just gleam with excitement.

These are the remaining shots from Wednesday night. All are of poor quality and have been cropped, enhanced and enlarged to render a usable image.

One more shift to go and then 2 entire days off.

Hope to see y'all tomorrow!





"Let's all be careful out there!"