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Friday, October 27, 2006



Neptune's is closed and has been sold. I think the owner of the Southside Tiki Lounge has bought it. Rumor is that he may move his neighbor, The Love Shack, into that location and expand the Tiki into the space the Shack now occupies. That would definitely be a win-win situation for everyone.

Gone And Soon Forgotten

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Gas is still dropping. Of course, the last time crude oil prices were this low, our regular grade pump price was about $2.56 per gallon. How many times have the oil companies done this before? They raise the pump price, always justified by some lame excuse, until people are at the breaking point. Then conditions change and the price starts to drop, and drop, and drop. For some reason it never drops back as far as it was when the convenient crisis occured. After they have established a new benchmark for the consumer price, then the inevitable escalation will begin again.

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This is manapua, a very popular snack in the islands. You can hear your arteries hardening with every swallow. It is based on the Chinese dish, cha siu bau . They are about the size of a baseball and a half.

I have eaten a couple. It is definitely something I would not go out of my way to get. Strictly for when there is nothing else better available.

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Started the night with back-to-back OGG runs. Totaled 11 runs for the shift and drove 130 miles (209 km), averaging $1.64 per mile or $19.40 per fare. Thats a good night. Was home by 5:00am. I also had three "10-13's" (no load/no show). one of which was a heartbreaker. Dispatched to the Kea Lani at 10:00pm. 4 people wanting to go to Lahaina. Thats an $80-$100 trip. After I had been waiting for 15 minutes, they called down to valet and canceled. Feces occurs.

Picked up a couple from the Four Seasons and took them to Bocolino's. I think he was some type of salesman. Big commission type. He was constantly boasting about his knowledge of Mau'i (very limited). Claimed he's been coming here for 15 years. Thats possible, but his aggressive attitude belied just how insecure he was. Whenever his lady companion (wife?) would attempt to speak with me, he would loudly override her and change the subject. As we approached our destination, I commented that he may have been visiting Mau'i for 15 years, but he hadn't acquired the laid back ambience of the island. Maybe thats why I didn't get a "tip". He'll probably have a heart attack or stroke within 5 years. A classic type-A personality.


Lahaina Seawall/Front Street
Little Beach
Maui Prince
Makena Landing
White Rock
Mauna Kea Sunset
Mauna Kea Sunrise
Lahaina Sunset

"Let's all be careful out there!"