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Wednesday, November 08, 2006



That how elections go. Since Dubya is now officially a "Lame Duck" and the opposition controls one House of Congress, the other still in limbo as of this posting, very little will be accomplished by either side over the next 2 years. Any changes that Congress wants to make to what the President has done during the last 6 years will be vetoed. And there is not the necessary 2/3s vote to override the veto. Any new legislation the President wants to finish out his last two years will very likely just die in some committee chamber.

Which means that it is the American People who are the true losers. As usual.

It has been an interesting political season and all the players are in place for the BIG one in 2008.

I wish that Harry S. Truman was still the boss.

*** *** ***

I must apologize for yesterdays Picture Gallery. My normal procedure is to preload, and save as a draft, all the images I am going to use during any week.. One of my processes is to resize all images to a 1024 pixel width. Yesterday, I forgot to double check and thus all enlargements were in their original size when you clicked them for a larger view.

Speaking of images. Seems that Blogger was having a problem yesterday. On the majority of sites that I visited, the images were being referenced in the text but were not on display. A later revisit shows that they have now, miraculously reappeared. Must have taken a sidetrip into the "Twilight Zone".

*** *** ***

I woke up this afternoon but my "get-up-and-go" rolled over and went back to sleep. Kept trying to get ready for another night but the body was drained. No energy. I don't feel bad, just extremely tired. So, I called off for the night.

I have to be a "day" person sometime this week to be able to renew my drivers license. Yup, I enter my last year of "middle age" on Monday. Next year I become an official "senior citizen". Big thrill. NOT!

Its a bitch growing old. If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.

Called the daughter and wished her a Happy Birthday. Her youngest, Evan, was being a typical 2-1/2 year old while mom was on the phone. Her oldest was being a typical teenager, sequestered in his bedroom.

Not a heck of a lot more to say. I am going back to bed and I hope everyone has a spectacular day.


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