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Wednesday, December 13, 2006



"Tok pidgin?"
"Ey try go grab da kine an bring um ova heah. No not dat kine da udda kine."
Trust me, between trying to translate "tourist speak" (bad pronunciation of Hawai'ian words) and then translating pidgin to usable English, being a cabbie in the islands can be tough at times.
"Where to, friend?"
"Da kine"
*** *** ***
It was a very slow night. There were no day shift holdovers, for once, and one of the night drivers decided to just stay home. That left 4 of us to cover what few runs we could scrounge up. The parking lots around the bars were less than 1/2 full all night.. The vast majority of a person's income, in the hospitality/service industry, is from gratuities. When there isn't anyone to tip you, then you don't have to money to go play. Just a hair over a week until things should turn around.

*** *** ***

On Monday, one of the timeshare condos held their annual board meeting. The man who had been president of the board for over twenty years announced that he was stepping down. Tuesday morning he woke up dead.
Talk about emphasizing your point.

*** *** ***
The cab company I work for is in the process of being sold. I don't have a lot of details. Being bought by some people from the mainland and the current owner will stay on, for awhile, as a supervisor to help the new folks learn the business. Don't expect a lot of change, for me at least. Some drivers are worried though. Rumor is that the new owners want all the drivers to have a clean abstract (driving record). This helps reduce some of the insurance costs. Not all of our drivers will pass muster on this one.

*** *** ***
RoadRunner, our Time Warner high-speed broadband connection to the internet, died just before midnight. I was logged on, writing this post, when it happened. I kept the webpage open on my browser and have been waiting to make today's entry. I called the service center about 3a and was told it should be back on-line in an hour. It wasn't.

I do all my posting from my desktop, so I decided to take my laptop and drive around town to find a wi-fi hotspot. Found lots of them, all with dead connections to the web.

6:00am - Still no service. Very frustrating!

Finally talked to a service rep. I have to reset the modem. Not likely to happen soon. The modem and wireless router are in my landlords house and they don't wake up until about 7a..


You can check the post time (below) to see when I finally regained access to the cyber world.



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