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Monday, June 16, 2008


In April, my oldest bother passed on at 35. It's hard when a brother dies and it's affected all my family. Well, my wife was searching Google Earth and zoomed in at the street view option and sure enough guess who's standing there? My brother Cesar. What are the chances of all the days that Google took that picture he would be standing there? I just think that now when I need to see him again, I can. Synchronicity?

--Hugo Q.
I found the above image and story today and just thought it was worth sharing.

In just about 2 years human space launches will cease at the Kennedy Space Center as the Space Shuttle program will be retired. Manned lift-offs are a major tourist draw to the Titusville area of Florida. A significant portion of their income is derived from this activity. After the Shuttle is gone it will be at least 5 years of drought for Florida's "Space Coast." Many jobs at the Space Center will also vanish in the sea breeze.

In 1780, the British warship HMS Ontario was lost, with 130 souls, during a gale on Lake Ontario. The storms of the Great Lakes are infamous for taking vessels that ply their waters. The HMS Ontario has now been found and, because of the cold water, is in remarkably good condition.

This should teach all them there young whipper-snappers that the brain doesn't have to turn off as you age. It typically does but it doesn't HAVE to.

How would you like your phone bill to be just $40 per YEAR? You've probably seen the ads for MagicJack on TV. That is the fastest growing phone service in the USA. Cheaper than the traditional landlines. Cheaper than Vonage or Skype. The wave of the future? I am seriously considering signing up with them before heading overseas. A very cheap way to "Phone Home".

Do you live in an area where broadband internet service is unavailable? Or too prohibitive in cost? Or you travel around the country in a motorhome, with no landline access? You might seriously consider HughesNet. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky.

"Let's all be careful out there!"


Talk about thinking outside of the box. Of course, European auto companies do tend to do that. Where an auto is as much an art form as a mode of transportation.

In baseball, the rule is "three strikes and you're out". And it takes three "outs" to end an inning. So it is extremely rare for a pitcher to be able to strike out 4 batters in one inning.

The title said these are the sexist gadgets on the market today. Really?

Are you a coffee addict? It could be that just smelling fresh roasted coffee beans is beneficial for you.

This little guy is only 3 years old:

A kite that weighs almost 1 ton:

Techno Tabbys?:

"Let's all be careful out there!"


"Let's all be careful out there!"



A very tragic story from just a few miles away.

Two new terms have been added to our lexicon:
  • Obamicans - Republicans supporting Obama
  • McRats - Democrats for McCain
This year's general election is going to shift many people's loyalties.

This is the first general election where the internet is an important factor. Rumor mongers, distorters and flat out liars are getting caught in their own deceitful webs. As are candidates who claim to be misquoted.

While supply & demand are pretty much balanced in the oil market, speculators have been the major cause of of the skyrocketing prices. To try and thwart these get-rich-quick carpetbaggers, Saudi Arabia has decided to increase its production to a level that hasn't been reached in decades. We'll see how well it goes. I just talked to Judy and gas is more expensive in California than in Mau'i. Ouch!

The FCC may federalize the way fees charged by cell phone companies for early termination of a contract. Right now it is a patchwork of 50 different State's PUC rules. The companies are not happy.

The Summer June Solstice will occur on the 20th, Friday. Summer will finally begin north of the equator and Winter on the flip side.

Talked to Judy last night and the economic picture on Mau'i is worsening. She is still out of work and isn't even getting responses from her resumes. She's never had this problem before. She is a full charge bookkeeper with almost 35 years of experience and usually is in demand. But not now.

Thank you so very much for visiting. I hope you can come back again. I'll have more for you later today. Have a great one.

"Let's all be careful out there!"